Ways of connecting with Air

The simplest, most instantly available method for attuning to the energies of Air is through conscious attention to our breath. There are many different meditative breathing exercises, practiced in a range of spiritual and healing traditions, that are worth exploring for their many health benefits. But you can also simply sit with your eyes closed and notice how it feels to breathe. Another way to spend some time with Air is to watch how individual leaves on a tree interact with the breeze. Anyone who has paid attention knows that leaves and branches don’t all move uniformly in response to the push of wind—although in particularly strong winds, this may appear to be the case. Most of the time, if you watch closely, some branches will bend lower than others, and some leaves will flip and flutter much more vigorously than others. Observed in this way, the unpredictable intricacies of Air’s movements can be fascinating. Simply focusing your attention on how Air feels on your skin can be reenergizing, particularly on a hot day when a cool breeze comes sweeping in, even for just a moment. Burning incense is another potential way to bring the positive qualities of Air into your awareness. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that offers views from high elevations, spending some time in such places is great for refreshing your perspective. Mountain locations are ideal for this kind of communing with the Air Element, but rooftops, particularly on tall buildings, can also work wonders. Finally, resurrect that childhood habit of looking for shapes in the passing clouds. (If you never did that as a child, make up for it by starting now!) Notice the pace at which the clouds are moving, whether crawling or racing across the sky, and how their shapes are in constant flux, even when they appear to be relatively still. Cloud-gazing can, with practice and intention, become a powerful method of divination for those able and willing to receive information in this way. Even when the wind blows hard enough to cause inconvenience, and even though temperatures may be too hot or cold for your liking, be sure to appreciate and thank the Element of Air for its effortless availability in sustaining your life.

Ways of connecting with Earth

The Element of Earth is physically represented by the land itself, and all natural forms existing within it and on it. Trees and forests, rocks and caves, fields and groves are all associated with Earth, and spending time in places that have one or more of these features is a great way to connect with the Earth Element. Plunge your hands into fresh soil in a garden, walk barefoot in the mud or the grass, or climb a giant boulder and sit on it, feeling its energy resonate with yours. Lie down under the shelter of a leafy tree and feel the ground beneath you supporting your weight, keeping you stable and secure. Place the palm of your hand gently against the trunk of the tree and hold it there for a few moments. Notice its calming effect on your body and thank the tree for its nourishing and sheltering existence. If you can’t get outside, you can practice attuning to Earth energy with a single house plant. Gently touch the soil and the leaves and thank the plant for keeping you company. Spend time noticing and appreciating of the Earth’s bounty that you bring home from the grocery store. Hold a potato or other root vegetable in your hands and smell the earthy scents. Doing this before preparing a meal can add much love, intention, and quality to your dinner! Be sure not to take Earth for granted, as it is the foundation of your existence and the ultimate source of all of your abundance.

Ways of connecting with Fire

Fire is the one Element that we can’t touch with our bodies without potentially serious damage, including death. Therefore, attuning to its energy is, in the most immediate sense, a “hands-off” activity. However, interacting with Fire is intense, illuminating, and exhilarating all the same, and one can be just as immersed in its energy as in any of the other Elements. Gazing into the flame of a candle is a wonderful, simple way to take in the power of Fire, and a bonfire is even better, especially on a cool, crisp evening when the warmth of the fire adds an extra layer to its magical quality. A fire enjoyed by friends, families, and/or lovers is one manifestation of the love energy this Element brings, as well as its ability to strengthen bonds with others. Like clouds, flames can make for excellent divinatory communication, as images may appear either in the fire itself, or the smoke as it twists and curls up toward the sky. Crackling embers and the small bursts of energy they release can also be interpreted as messages from the spirit world, and there are even several methods for divination using the ashes from ritual fires. Moving the body with vigorous exercise and dance is another way to tap into Fire, stoking the heat of our internal “engines” to match the high frequency and vitality of this Element. This way of attuning has the added benefits of building up strength and clearing toxins and other unwanted energy forms from the body. Spending time outdoors in the Sun is also important, and can be extra magical after a long spell of rain or cold Winter weather. Even though the Sun is technically composed of gas, rather than Fire, the two have always been linked together. After all, the Sun does have the ability to burn our skin, and it can certainly start a fire under the right circumstances! In many traditions, blowing out a candle is considered disrespectful to the spirit of Fire, and people will wave their hands over the flame to put it out instead, or use candle snuffers as a gentler, more attentive method. Whether you adhere to this idea or not, always be respectful of and grateful for the gift of Fire.

Air personalities

People with Air personalities tend to enjoy a higher degree of emotional detachment and objectivity than those with other dominant Elements. Their “bird’s eye view” on life can help them see patterns and possibilities that others can’t, and thus avoid the pitfalls of short-sightedness or “stuckness” that people with other personalities might struggle with. Air people tend to have very active minds and feel at home in the realms of abstract thought. They have a knack for discovering new ideas. They are socially energetic and take an interest in the ideas of others, but their dynamic nature and need for movement and free expression may keep them from hanging around in one place for any length of time. They don’t want to miss anything by being away too long from their regular, broad-perspectived perch. The challenge for Air people, then, is to balance their flightiest, high-level energies with more grounded, fixed energies, or else all of that intellectual potential may stay unmanifested in the material world. Just as having one’s “feet on the ground” is considered a positive attribute, we tend to speak of having one’s “head in the clouds” as something to avoid, at least for too much of the time. “Flighty” is another descriptive word with less-than-positive connotations to describe people who seem to lack focus or substance. Air people need to learn to appreciate the value in being still, as well as being in touch with their emotions, which can often be an uncomfortable realm for them. Getting regular exercise can help them move some of that mental energy to the rest of the body, creating a balance that allows those Air qualities to manifest in more grounded ways.

Earth personalities

People with Earth as their dominant Element tend to be practically-minded, and are considered to be “sensible” by their peers. Oriented to the physical manifestations of reality as we know it, Earth people tend to place emphasis on what can be proven through the experience of the five senses, rather than on more subtle, less easily-perceived phenomena. They tend to be reliable, productive, and disciplined, with an innate sense for the workings of the material world and a methodical approach to work that enables them to achieve material security with greater ease than other Elemental personalities. They value stable and long-term friendships and make for honest and kind friends. The challenge for Earth people is to not let their practicality and desire for structure to keep them from discovering and reveling in life’s mysteries, or accessing their own emotional states. Too much Earth energy can lead to becoming rigid or narrow-minded, actually limiting our potential for growth by closing ourselves off to higher-frequency energies that inspire us with new perspectives and motivate us to set our sights on new horizons. People who are described as being “stubborn as a rock” or behaving like “a stick in the mud” are probably exhibiting an excess of Earth energy, and would benefit from loosening up and allowing themselves more access to mystery and joy. They may not always realize that security is, like everything else, ultimately impermanent, that growth is cyclical, and that there are always unseen forces which we may not be able to control, but can make an effort to better understand. Even the most sensible habits and patterns of living can become overly rigid, and without a certain amount of flexibility it can be hard to navigate the occasional interference that life throws our way. The Earth itself manifests the inevitability of disruption in the form of earthquakes, a phenomenon echoed in the phrase “shaken up” to describe how we feel when unexpected events wreak havoc on the seeming predictability of our daily lives. “Uprooted” is another Earth-related metaphor for how we experience moving from a place we’ve called home or changing jobs. We are, as human beings, oriented to the ground, and it can be difficult for those with Earth as their dominant energy to feel comfortable in the face of dynamic change.

Ways of connecting with Water

Probably the most powerful way to attune to the energies of Water is to immerse yourself in it. Swimming in any natural body—ocean, lake, river or pond—is an ideal experience of communion with nature, but this can be a far-away or even unattainable luxury for many people. A pool can also do the trick, as can a relaxing soak in the bathtub. The next time you’re immersed in Water, notice the feel of it on your skin and the difference in the way it feels to move your body. Of course, it isn’t strictly necessary to be completely immersed in Water to be in tune with its energy. Dipping a toe or a foot into a stream, taking a refreshing shower, or even running your hand through a bowl of water also forms a direct connection, as does appreciating a long, cold drink of water to quench a thirst. Water is also experienced through sight and sound—walking along a river or spending time on the beach gazing out at the waves is calming to the body, as is the sound of rain or small waves quietly lapping a shoreline or a river bank. Even recordings of water sounds can help bring people more in touch with their inner selves! As mentioned previously, the calm surface of a bowl of water or even a pond or lake can be used for scrying—Water can speak to you through images, just like clouds and fire. Wherever you encounter Water, be in gratitude for its healing, cleansing, purifying, and nourishing qualities. Allow it to help you open up to the unseen and mysterious forces at work in the Universe—both in yourself and in those around you.

Water personalities

People with Water as a dominant Element are the most naturally psychic of all the Elemental personalities. Even if they don’t realize the source of their intuition and intense feeling, they can be incredibly sensitive to the moods and energies of others, whether those people are in the same room, or, in the case of those they’re emotionally close to, very far away on the physical plane. Water people tend to have a deep understanding of the makeup and motives of the human psyche, and make for good healers and listeners. They are generally creative types, with mystical leanings and an appreciation for the sensual. The energy of Water allows them to be more at home in their emotions than others, which is essentially a prerequisite to being an artist of any kind. Water people love to be in love, and are immersed in the connections they form with others. The challenges of carrying Water energy include intense emotionality and difficulty maintaining psychic boundaries. Water people can be overly sensitive, to the point that they are essentially immobilized by all of the stimuli around them and risk drowning in other people’s emotions and energies. Depression can be a recurring issue for Water people, as can obsession with wanting to know the unknown before such knowing is possible. Indeed, a drawback of the high levels of psychic activity in Water is that they get accustomed to accessing information unavailable through the usual five senses, and they can get stuck seeking answers to questions they just aren’t meant to have answered at the time. They may also unintentionally give away too much of their power to negative people who feed off their kindness and loving natures, and thus become drains on the energies of others. Some natural Water bodies are stagnant, which, while beneficial for some life forms, is unhealthy for humans to drink. Likewise, Water people can succumb to laziness and lethargy if their energy frequencies are too low. Earth energy is a good starting point for Water people who need balance, as the ground can absorb excess Water. Fire, Water’s opposite, can shed light into the shadows, raise the frequency, and brighten the mood.

Fire personalities

People with Fire as their dominant Element tend to command the attention of others. They are generally enthusiastic, vigorous, impassioned, and easily excitable. They make for natural leaders, since they are naturally courageous and willing to charge forth, and they often feel passionate enough about causes or goals that nothing gets in the way of their drive to succeed. Others are drawn to the light Fire people radiate from the center of their beings. They are often joyful people, and others may feel “lighter” just for being around them. Fire people don’t tire easily and tend not to be comfortable sitting still for very long. This is energy that can’t be truly contained without extinguishing it. Of course, just as the Element can be dangerous when not carefully managed, the personality of Fire can get to be too much for others. Fire people may sometimes go overboard in expressing their desires or opinions, or be unaware of the need to “share the floor” during conversations. They can be impulsive and somewhat insensitive compared to other Elemental personalities. They may struggle with a perceived need for immediate gratification or have the tendency to be in a hurry all the time. Too much Fire energy can make a person quick-tempered or even prone to rage, and courage untempered by reason and realism can end up backfiring—another word that demonstrates our appreciation for the power of fire. A balanced approach to living as a Fire person involves learning to ease up on the fuel when appropriate, taking a more long-range view of what will be needed to sustain that energy beyond the present moment. In the days before electricity, households would “bank” their indoor fire overnight, allowing the embers to stay just hot enough to keep it intact for the next morning. Fire people can remember that slowing down and cooling off does not have to mean being extinguished, but can instead be a wise way to ensure success in the long run.

Chakras and the Solar System

Chakras and the Solar System Many people do not think that chakras would have any astronomical connections in any way, shape or form, especially with the solar system because astrology is not particularly touched-upon in modern society, even though older practices such as crystal healing and holistic/alternative medicines have been adopted and well-utilized. Each of the seven main chakras is connected with some the planets, and here is how: Crown Chakra Associated with Uranus, your crown chakra enables you to see your surroundings as through the eyes of whichever Higher Power you choose or believe in.  However, the only way to truly open this chakra would be to lose all your senses of ego and pride. Moreover, you must take care of any unfinished earthly business you have before fully committing yourself to this chakra, no matter how long it takes you. Third Eye Chakra Associated with Neptune, the third eye chakra helps you manage time and acknowledge how limited it might be for you on this earth. You are, thereby, fully aware and cognizant of the Universe around you. You are open-minded, giving and always willing to expand your horizons, perpetually curious and learning for as long as you are living on Earth. Keep the crown open and you will notice your intuitive sense growing while you also become more willing to listen to the advice of others, both human and spiritual forms. Throat Chakra The throat chakra is ruled by two planets, namely: Mercury and Jupiter.  This chakra helps you with your effective communication skills and creativity. At its strongest, your speaking skills are most intelligible and you are at your best in effectively conveying your messages and feelings to others with complete confidence. It also helps you be fully confident in just being yourself, without being easily swayed in other directions by others. Heart Chakra Venus is the closest associated with the heart chakra allows you to fully experience compassion, peace, and love, on both giving and receiving ends. Solar Plexus Chakra Sun and Mars are both in charge of the navel chakra and also help to bring optimism and light to you, especially during your darkest moments. Like the throat chakra, this allows you to shape, without fear and shame, your own complete identity with no hindrances or negative influences from others. Shaping your own identity means finding your own religious or spiritual path in accordance with your own happiness, so long as you’re not harming anyone or anything else along the way. Sacral Chakra Ruled by Pluto, this brings out the best in you as far as sensuality and tenderness go. When the sacral is open and strong, you show great desire to be creative and sensual. However, if this chakra is open too wide, your only interests and desires at that moment are sexual/sensual. With that being said, you still must be sure that your partner feels up to feeding these desires you have, and that you can meet his or her needs in return. Root Chakra Look to Saturn to be your celestial guide in order to keep yourself stable, grounded and focused on all of your goals and a realism to achieve them in a timely yet successful manner. The root chakra, when open and healthy, will send you signals when you are working too hard yet truly achieving very little from it—or nothing at all. The objective is not to remain stagnant in life, but to move forward. If you are unhappy with your current life situation, e.g. your present job, you can always move on to another one that satisfies you, and not merely in a financial sense.

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Problems Chakras Face

Problems Chakras Face If you are struggling with anything such as financial issues, relationship strains, illness, injuries, job-related stress, family problems, traumatic events or other woes, it is natural and normal for you to react with emotions such as anxiety anger and sadness, but you should know at this point that your chakras will become unbalanced and not work properly, and in the worst cases, not at all. Each chakra is related to and affected by different types of negative situations: Root Chakra When you feel as though you have worked very hard (physically), but have not achieved enough in order to survive. These sorts of feelings cause joint pains and pains throughout the rest of the body. You will also become ill. If you can’t ever get the root chakra balanced, these pains and illnesses can quickly become long-term and in some cases, incurable. In order to heal the root chakra, you must believe that you are useful in this Earth and serve a purpose in it, keeping the connection in and to this world. Solar Plexus Chakra To keep a healthy navel chakra, your self-esteem needs to be higher, especially when you encounter harsh and negative criticism and comments from others. Long-term effects of said low self-esteem include digestive and liver issues. All you need to do to combat and control this negativity is to accept yourself for who you are, while still trying to make any and all self-improvements necessary. Sacral Chakra An inability or to express your feelings weakens the sacral, and long-term effects including sexual and reproductive problems, such as lack of any libido, and back and stomach pains.  To regain this chakra’s health, stay creative, positive and keep yourself occupied with and immersed in activities you love. Heart Chakra There is such a thing as loving someone (or something) too much, and that actually weakens the heart. You can love someone so much that you could become possessive of them, so much so that you get jealous when that person wants space and some time away from you. These sorts of feelings can cause heart problems and other limb pains, such as in the arm/wrist area. The concept and emotion of love are supposed to be used for positive, uplifting purposes, and never for harmful thoughts or intentions. Third Eye Chakra When you become too consumed by your emotions, especially negative ones, the third eye chakra weakens. You also become disconnected from this chakra when you have so much imagination inside of you that you forget and are disconnected from events in the real world, thereby delaying your growth, especially in a spiritual and psychological sense. Keep an open mind to other people’s advice, even though you may disagree with them. In the long run, these pieces of advice can actually be beneficial to you, especially in your goal to not just survive but to also serve a purpose in the real world. Throat Chakra You need to be able to speak or otherwise convey your messages and thoughts clearly and effectively in order to keep the throat chakra healthy. You must also be able to form your own ideas and sense of self. If you are afraid to say what’s truly on your mind out of fear of ridicule from others, then you just bottle up. Bottling up, especially for a prolonged period of time, will lead to physical illnesses, mostly related to the ears, nose, and throat. Crown Chakra As the highest level of consciousness is found at this chakra point, it is often hard to let go of ego and to accept that there is someone of a higher being than you. In other words, it is really impossible to try and complete all tasks yourself with an unrealistic timeframe in which to accomplish them. Of course, you don’t want to be lazy or under-achieve, but at the same time, you still must keep in mind that you are human and that it is also impossible to complete tasks or live life with an unclear head.

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