K, I’m back and forcing myself to write so this will probably be hard to follow because I am having a hard time concentrating.

We ended up going to the gym last night and I went on the stair type machine thing (very technical, i know) and because of my previous hip injury, today I am in exquisite pain. It’s not a ‘oh you worked out and your muscles are sore’ type pain either. It’s a ‘your bones feel super stiff and like they are grinding together type pain. That and I have also been having really bad restless legs at night to the point where I am waking Cody up. I think it has something to do with the mattress too, so we are going to have to get a new one soon. All of that together and today at work a few times I was almost in tears. I literally could not sit down for a while because my legs felt like they were falling asleep and about to get pins and needles and my calves kept getting sharp pains and my hips and low back were just so so achy. It was all too much at once. I made an appointmen for next Monday because I cannot keep losing sleep like this. I decided that tonight I am sleeping on the couch and if I have to I will start sleeping on the floor, just to make sure my body isn’t putting pressure on weird places while I sleep. I just want oh so bad to be comfortable while I dream.

Jay is sick with a cold and gave us RedWings tickets for tonight and I was so so excited to go but I am just in too much pain and the roads are so so bad that I nearly had a panic attack on the way home so I decided I was not going to be in a car all the way down to Detroit and survive. And sitting in the cold would not help the pain situation. so there’s that.

All in all though it was an ok day. Cody should be back any minute now with a deep dish pizza from bootleggers.

Side note: tomorrow I should be starting my period and if I don’t…here we go again. More on my pregnancy paranoia another time though.


1/31/17 @ 9:37PM


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