I’ve been contemplating how graphic and detailed I want to be in my journal entries on here. I decided full disclosure. So things might get a little rated R. I also decided that since I am so….visually active on my tumblr, that I am going to collect followers here without any #selfies or anything like that. Not for the anonymity or anything, but to prove to myself that my words and interests can collect just as many followers as pictures of me and my body.


So today was a quiet day. When we woke up we laid in bed being cute for a while and then I started feeling cramps really bad. I was like ” uh oh. It’s happening. Not like literally but I can feel the cramps.”

Then he was like ‘This is my last chance!’ or something like that and took my shorts off and started going down on me. It actually made the cramps ease up a bit. AND THEN, right after I had… the big O… (still not sure how graphic I want to be), he decided to use a finger or two to start teasing me a bit and all of a sudden I hear him go “Ohh. Oh now it’s happening.”

So yeah, I started all over him. Thank god he doesn’t have a thing against blood. I just started laughing and trying to get off the bed without completely ruining the sheets and he goes “Told ya we weren’t pregnant.”

So I went to clean up in the bathroom and he went to wash his hands in the kitchen and I hear him yell that the back door was wide open and Lucy, (one of our cats, not outdoor cat, one might call them inside cats) was sitting on the hood of my car in the driveway! Jay’s….Girlfriend? Idk Lady friend? To be honest we refer to her as the Bar Whore but for the sake of giving her a real name let’s call her Janice, because her laugh is so super annoying it brings anger to my heart.  ANYWAYS, Janice must have not shut the door all the way when she left for work because she left after Jay did. Simple accident I’m sure but the fact that I already highly dislike her makes it worse. You know how everything someone you don’t like does always seems 20x worse? I’ve got that happening.

After that we just chilled and Varl picked him up and they went to their friends that they don’t see much to play Magic. Which apparently they never got around to doing. I sat around and just chilled at home, Haven came over and just sat here too because he didn’t want to be at home. I just binged watched a shit ton of the Ghost Whisperer and ate rice and drank tea and worked on my tarot stuff. Pretty relaxing. Until they came home and were all loud and I had to readjust to being social with people again. It’s hard sometimes. I know Haven was here but we hardly talked, so when they came home I had to get out of my own head.

Now it’s just me and Cody and were watching tv. I had him run out and buy me a heating pad because my cramps are pretty bad. Which means they will be worse tomorrow. 😦

At least we always start our Sundays with friend brunch. I can’t wait for my pancakes.


2/5/17 @ 12:33AM


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