Where Oh Where Did I Go

Honestly it’s been like two months since I’ve written? What the hell Megan get it together. Bullet points of since then…

  • got fired
  • had no job for like a month and a half
  • went on 10000 interviews
  • my due date came and went and it was difficult
  • Dove moved in (did that already happen in the last post? I don’t know)
  • Jay moved out (not peacefully)
  • we went to march event and had a threesome with a trans girl named Ariel
  • Haven got me a job working at his office and I absolutely love it
  • I brought home a puppy. Cody had no idea but he did let me keep it
  • puppy keeps pooping in the house BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP
  • Ariel came to visit this past weekend and it was very fun.
  • I slept for three hours when I got home from work yesterday to recover, stayed up for like 2 hours to eat and then went to bed again until I woke up at 7 this morning.
  • my bank account is almost $300 in the negative but there is only three more days until I get paid so that’s awesome.

Hmmmmm, what else? I’ve been slacking on all my hobbies. And eating because I’m poor. Also, Puppy takes up so much time because I have so much love to give her. Her name is Meika and she will be 1 year old on May 15th. I absolutely adore her. Last night she was asleep on the couch next to me and I had to let her outside before I went to bed and she was so so tired she wasn’t waking up for me. I pet her and gave her kisses and she was just kind of half squinting her eyes open and it was the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Cody was laughing because that’s exactly me when people try to wake me up. Just one eye half open at a time. So I picked her up like a baby and carried her to the back door and she layed down which made putting her harness on extremely difficult. She is so cute. And she cuddles into me and I love it. All I have ever wanted is a dog of my own and she is a puppy and latching onto me so hard. The most satisfying part is that she likes me more than Cody. But she does adore him, he just yells at her more with his scary man voice so she is more nervous around him but she wants to make him happy so bad. I love it.

I’m currently at work and it is a very slow day so I’m taking a moment to write because I don’t want to keep being on my phone. I’ve caught up on everything so I don’t have anything really to do until another work order rolls in.

I really want to write about the event though, but not while I’m here. THAT would be awkward.

Tonight I’ve recruited Grim and Zain to help us move the blue couch from my momma’s to our place. WE WILL FINALLY HAVE OUR SECOND LIVING ROOM ALMOST SET UP. Except that means when I get home I have to move everything from in front of the window down to the basement which is going to suck. Maybe I will have Grim come over early to help me do that because Cody pulled an all nighter and I know he is going to be passed the fuck out when I get home.

4/4/17 @ 3:03PM


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