Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus)

This herb has both medicinal and culinary uses. Candy made from this plant is produced by crystallizing tender slices of the roots (rhizomes). The roots contain volatile oils that have profound antibiotic actions.

Origins & Characteristics:
Taken internally, sweet flag can be very useful in the stimulation of digestion and as a remedy for bronchitis and sinus congestion. As an external application, it can be used to relieve rheumatic joint and muscle pains. It is also a carminative agent and can reduce muscular spasms that are associated with nerve pains.

Parts Used:
Roots, rhizomes and oil extract.

As a liquid tincture, take 20 drops twice daily before eating. For external application, use as a compress for joint and muscle pain.

Potential Benefits:
-helps brnchitis
-reduces sinus congestion
-stimulates digestion
-eases joint and muscle pains
-may help in neuralgia

Culinary Uses:
Used to make candy.


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