Upright: Love, union, relationships, values alignment, choices
Reversed: Disharmony, imbalance, misalignment of values

The sign associated with the Lovers is Gemini. The two figures in the Lovers card are blessed and protected by the angel in the clouds above them. Angels, in general, represent the refinement of earthly desires. This angel, in particular, is Raphael, the angel of Air. One of the associations of Air is communication, necessary for a healthy relationship. The purple cloak on the angel represents royalty, a symbol of how important communication is. The sun shines brightly over the couple, bringing warmth and security. The earth at their feet is green and fertile and suggests life and happiness. The snake in the fruit-laden tree behind the woman suggests the story of Adam and Eve, the fall of humanity from grace, and the temptations of the world. The snake is also a symbol of the senses. The flames behind the man represent the flames of passion, indicating the primary concern of the man. There are twelve flames, representing the twelve zodiac signs, the symbol of time and eternity. The man looks to the woman, who looks to the angel, indicating the path of the conscious to the subconscious to the super-conscious, or from physical desire to emotional needs to spiritual concerns. The mountain is a phallic symbol, while the water is a feminine symbol, indicating balance between the two.

The Lovers represent perfection, harmony and mutual attractiveness. Their trust in one another gives them strength and confidence to overcome the obstacles in life. The bond that the two lovers has created is incredibly strong and is often reflective of a marriage, soul mate connection or very intimate and close relationship.
The Lovers can also indicate a very strong sexual connection that goes beyond instant gratification and lust to suggest a very deep desire and passion that exists between two beings. The physical attraction is strong and so too is the desire to be intimate with one another.
On a more personal level, the Lovers card represents the establishment of a personal belief system and becoming clearer about your own values. This is a time when you are figuring out what you stand for and what your personal philosophy on life is. Having gone through the indoctrination of the Hierophant, you are now ready to establish your own belief system and make up your own mind about what is and what is not important in life. This is also a time when you need to stay true to yourself and be as authentic and genuine as possible.
The Lovers also represents choices on a grand scale. A dilemma will be presented demanding an action or decision, and you will want to decipher the best way to proceed or make the right choice. Something is going to change your plans or the course of your experience, something that may look negative on the surface but will later prove to be a blessing in disguise.
When the Lovers card appears in a reading, it is important to think about what decisions and choices you are facing. The fact that the Lovers is a Major Arcana card indicates that these decisions or choices are incredibly important and significant so it is essential that you choose the right path. There may be an easy option available but you will need to ask yourself whether this is the right path for you in the long run. Oftentimes, it is the more difficult path that will bring you the greatest benefit, particularly on a deeper level.
If you find yourself at a moral crossroads where you must choose between taking the moral high ground or the low ground, then you need to consider all consequences before acting. The Lovers card highlights that your own value system is being challenged, and you must make a definite choice based on that system. The choices are never really easy or obvious, either. Unlike the Fool’s choice which has no wrong answer, the choice of the Lovers is very much right or wrong because one of those options will almost certainly take you down a negative path. Thus, it is wise to seek higher guidance before making your final decision. You must be completely honest with yourself in the situation. Do not take things strictly on face value but deeply examine your motives, your feelings, your options and your personal values.

The Lovers reversed indicates that you are avoiding responsibility for the consequences of your own actions. You have made a rushed decision based purely on your desire for instant gratification and now you are trying to lay the blame on others or on fate. You must do what you can to make amends but if this is not possible, let the past go and resolve to make better choices in the future.
The Lovers reversed can also indicate inner conflicts and being at war with yourself rather than with external forces. It suggests disharmony and difficulty in being able to balance your own inner union. Perhaps you are punishing yourself for something you have done or feel responsible for? To help you out of this situation, you will need to focus on clearly articulating your personal belief systems and values. This will help to guide you in making better decisions next time. In addition, you may need to return to the energy of the Hierophant and seek the counsel and advice of an institution or spiritual mentor.
In a relationship reading, the Lovers reversed indicates that there may be some imbalance. You may feel that a once-close union is starting to fragment and break down. Your vibrations with each other may be out of tune, and you may feel as though you are both out of harmony. Despite an immense amount of potential when you first met, this potential is now being brought into question. You are starting to realise that your values are actually different and your visions of the future are different. These fundamental differences may be a showstopper for the relationship if they cannot be resolved.
The Lovers reversed may also reflect that the feelings within a relationship are not mutual. One person in the partnership may have stronger feelings than the other and may be more emotionally involved. This could lead to disappointments later down the track and feelings of insecurity about the relationship. You may be reluctant to open your heart up to the relationship for fear of getting hurt.
You need to be aware that an imbalance in your relationships exists. With this in mind, you can alter your behaviour to accommodate being out of sync with your partner or someone else who is important in your life. Work hard to bring things back to the level point and do not allow things to get out of control. You may be experiencing a slight downturn at this stage but it certainly does not mean it is all over! Simply try to maintain the balance and harmonise your union together.



The Lovers Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Love, soulmates, kindred spirits, perfect unions, partnerships, relationships, major choices, romance, desire, sexual connections, shared values

General meaning and interpretation
The Lovers signifies perfect union, harmony, love and attraction. The Lovers can represent finding the balance within oneself. You are learning to understand yourself, your own personal moral code and what you value in life. This will bring harmony and balance to your life. In general when The Lovers Tarot card appears it is an indication that you have major choices to make or are faced with a dilemma. You may be feeling uncertain about situations, people in your life or what direction you should take. These are important decisions you are faced with. Don’t automatically go for the easy road, make sure you have all the information and make the right decision. Even if it seems like a difficult path, it will lead you on to greater things.

The Lovers in a health reading is a signifier that having the right support will help you to get through any health issues. This may be a partner or friend who is offering moral support or a doctor or healthcare provider. The Lovers in a health context can simply be an indication that you have decisions to make regarding a course of treatment. The Lovers can also be related to heart health so make sure you are taking good care of your heart when this card appears.

Love & Relationships
In a love or relationship Tarot reading The Lovers is one of the best cards you can get! It is a soulmate card and signifies kindred spirits and an intense bond between two people. If you are single, love is coming your way! This will be more than mere infatuation. There will be an intense attraction and sexual passion as well as romance and a deep connection and mutual understanding. If you are in a relationship, this Major Arcana card tells you to expect a rekindling of the romance in your relationship. The bond between you and your partner will increase and deepen more than you can imagine. The Lovers represent you and your partner having a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical connection that most couples can only dream about. Lucky you!

Money & Career
When The Lovers card appears in a career context, it can represent a business partnership between two people. If this card is representing a partnership, it will be a great partnership and mutually beneficial. You and your business partner are on the same wavelength, will work well together and be mutually supportive of each other. The Lovers in a career Tarot reading can also indicate the possibility of getting romantically involved with a work colleague. Be cautious about mixing business with pleasure, make sure you know the risks involved and are prepared for the consequences. The Lover can also signify that you have a decision to make in relation to your career path. Again it may seem like you are only faced with undesirable choices but that’s not actually the case. Gather all your facts together to make the right decision. It may indicate a big change coming or a change of job, it may seem like something you don’t want at the time but it will be good for you. Financially, now is a good time to seek financial opportunities as you will be attracting good fortune.

When The Lovers Tarot card in a spiritual context, you will be beginning to find harmony within yourself. As with the general meaning, this comes from gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, who you are and your personal morale code. This understanding leads to a deeper connection to your spiritual self. The Lovers in spiritual context can indicate that you may find it beneficial to pair up with a partner on your spiritual journey. Something simple such as taking a meditation class with a likeminded friend could be very beneficial.
The Lovers Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Disharmony, trust issues, imbalance, conflict, disconnection, lack of accountability, disunion, detachment

General meaning and interpretation
The Lover Tarot reversed indicates that you may be struggling to take ownership of the decisions you’ve made. This is causing conflict within you. You may be feeling uncertain of the direction your life is going in. You need to remember that you are the master of your own destiny. Don’t try to blame the universe if your situation is a result of choices that you’ve made. Instead be accountable, learn from past mistakes and let them go. If you do that you will be able to move forward in a position direction. You will develop a deeper understanding of your true self, your values and your beliefs and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

In a health context The Lovers Tarot card in a reversed position indicates that you need to reconnect with how your body is feeling to bring harmony and health. At the moment, you may feel like your body is working against you but you need to learn to be kind to it and work within your energy levels. Your body is capable of amazing things but sometimes is needs rest and recuperation to restore itself. Don’t get frustrated at your body just give it the time it needs to heal.

Love & Relationships
If you are in a relationship, The Lovers reversed can indicate that while the sexual aspect of things is still great, you and your partner may not be on the same page in other important areas. It can also be a signifier that one partner is more emotionally invested in the relationship. Fear or trust issues could be stopping you from jumping in fully, which is necessary for the relationship to flourish. You may have different goals, values or hopes for the future. The relationship may have started off with you both feelings connected on many levels but you don’t feel as close as you used to. Look to the supporting cards for confirmation of the root cause. Whatever the reason, these differences need to be resolved if the relationship is to survive. If you are single The Lovers does indicate a relationship is coming your way but it may not happen as soon as you hoped. Alternatively, it can represent picking partners for the wrong reasons. If you are going to get involved with someone, this Major Arcana card tells you to make sure you connect with them in more than one way. A sexual connection, even an intense one, is not enough in itself to make a relationship work

Money & Career
The Lovers Tarot reversed in a career context can indicate disharmony in a business partnership. If you have a business partner you need to communicate with them and ensure that you are both in agreement about the direction the business is taking and your goals for the future. Like the upright meaning, The Lovers reversed can indicate the possibility of a romance at work but it comes with a stark warning. This romance could bring you trouble in your career. Be careful, make sure you understand and are prepared to accept the consequences of mixing business with pleasure if this gets messy. Financially, The Lovers reversed can represent being financially irresponsible and making impulsive decisions in relation to money. It can indicate being materialistic and seeking instant gratification by material means. Again, be accountable for your choices and learn from your mistakes.

In a spiritual context, The Lovers reversed can be an indicator that you have been focusing on materialistic pursuits to try and bring fulfilment in your life. Why this may temporarily make you feel good, it will not bring you the harmony you need. Focus on your spiritual side and discovering the true you. It will be far more rewarding for you. The Lovers reversed can also indicate a sexual attraction between you and a spiritual advisor. If they are seeking an intimate relationship with you this card indicates that it may be for all the wrong reasons! Embarking on a romance with you suggests they are abusing their power. This person is meant to be guiding you to your spiritual path not dating you. Be very cautious.