Upright: Hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration, serenity
Reversed: Lack of faith, despair, discouragement

The Star card shows a naked woman kneeling at the edge of a small pool. The woman holds two containers of water. She pours the water out to nourish the earth and to continue the cycle of fertility, represented by the lush greenery around her. The other container pours the water onto dry land in five rivulets, representing the five senses. The woman has one foot on the ground, representing her practical abilities and good common sense, and the other foot in the water, representing her intuition and inner resources, and listening to her inner voice. Behind her, shines one large star and seven smaller stars, representing your chakras. This represents a need to open your chakras and cleanse your aura. Notice all the stars have eight points. The Star is associated with the number 17, which equals 8 (1+7=8). Eight is Strength, the quality needed to accept your faults and love yourself in spite of them. The bird in the tree in the background is the sacred ibis of thought, roosting in the tree of the mind. The astrological sign of the Star is Aquarius.

The Star Tarot card brings renewed hope and faith and a sense that you are truly blessed by the Universe at this time. Courage, fulfilment, and inspiration are in your life. You are entering a loving phase in your life, filled with calm energy, mental stability and deeper understanding of both yourself and others around you. This card is saying to you that, over the long-term, you should have faith and trust in the Universe. A better future is waiting for you but in order to reach it you must trust that it is indeed possible.
As it follows the Tower, the meaning of the Star Tarot card suggests that you have endured life’s challenges and have been through a difficult time but you are now open to healing and transformation. Your ability to let go of damaging memories has been strengthened by contact with your true self through these difficult times. Hatred, envy, bitterness, and revenge have burned themselves out and no longer shadow your life or get in the way of your potential for future happiness. You are now also able to forgive and forget so that you can embrace new opportunities.
The Star card is therefore an important card for personal transformation. When the Star appears in a Tarot reading, be open to new ideas and growth. Listen to the still small voice within. You have a strong desire now to find or rediscover a sense of meaning, inspiration, or purpose in your life. You are making some significant changes in your life, transforming yourself from the old you to the new you, and in doing this you are bringing about a fresh perspective on life. You may also be feeling that you are finally honouring the person who you truly are or want to be, rather than simply following a routine that has little meaning to you. There is a deeper spiritual journey that you are going through which is all about bringing greater meaning and purpose into your life and renewing your inner energy. You hope your future will be better than your past. This card is the call of destiny that motivates you or compels you to go on. Your desire is not in vain as you will ultimately find what you are yearning for.
In a Tarot reading, the Star brings renewed self-esteem and increased trust in yourself. You will become aware of how successful and respected you are. You may attain a goal that brings lasting happiness and your reputation may be enhanced. The Star Tarot card is particularly encouraging when you have come through a period of opposition, negative feedback or setbacks that have previously damaged your self-esteem. The Star encourages you to have faith in yourself and to believe in yourself.
The Star Tarot card also indicates a generous spirit. You want to give or share your wealth with others to help transform their own lives. You have an open heart and you now want to give back the blessings you have already received so that others may benefit.

When the Star is reversed, it suggests that your spiritual mission is distorted. Instead of hope, you are feeling despair or discouragement. Instead of being filled with positive possibilities, you find yourself dwelling on negative issues. Negative thoughts will wear away at you to the point where you may give up control of the situation and concede defeat. To remedy this, the reversed Star suggests you identify what is making you feel discouraged or overwhelmed and work on moving past these issues. They can take on an importance far greater than they deserve and can hold you back.
In a Tarot reading, the reversed Star card also indicates that you are beginning to feel disengaged and uninspired with life or components of your life (for example, work, hobbies, relationships, personal projects, etc.). Perhaps you started out with great vision and enthusiasm but you are now finding yourself overwhelmed by day-to-day routines that are boring and dreary. You may find life a chore now, when it used to be such a pleasant experience. This Tarot card is particularly relevant for career readings, when you are feeling that you are no longer connected to the work you do and you feel that you need to move on or make a significant change to your career.
The Star reversed may reflect a loss of faith in a particular situation, resulting in you waiting for a sign or a ‘calling’ to proceed further. You may need reassurance that you are still on the right path, particularly if you have been experiencing setbacks or challenges along the journey. Remember the advice of the Tower, which is to see these setbacks as opportunities to change and grow. Know that even if you are feeling uncertain or fatalistic about whether you will ever achieve your goal, this is just a momentary setback and you will soon see that it was an important part of your journey forward. Oftentimes, the reversed Star card is more about a test of faith than it is an indication of a negative outcome. Sometimes you need to go through an incredibly trying time in order to come to a point of personal transformation and awakening. You need to keep believing in the Universe and know that it will do what is best for all. This is a test of your faith and you will no doubt come out of this a stronger person.



The Star Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Hope, inspiration, creativity, calm, contentment, renewal, serenity, spirituality, healing

General meaning and interpretation
In a general context, The Star indicates hope for the future, inspiration and contentment. With this Major Arcana card in your Tarot spread you will find yourself feeling very positive, motivated and free. You will be feeling very serene and in tune with the universe as The Star is a card of spiritual connection. The Star is a very positive omen. It is the period of calm and stability that follows the storm that was The Tower. The Star indicates that you have come through your tough times with a renewed sense of yourself and the world around you, you are full of calm, well-balanced energy and you are open to healing the wounds of the past. Whatever mental, emotional, physical or spiritual issues you were experiencing are now behind you and you are ready to embrace what your future holds. Trust that the universe has a plan for you and trust the feeling you have that everything is going to be OK. You will be feeling confident in yourself and people will like you for who you are with this card in your Tarot reading. The Star can also indicate creativity and artistic flair, so now would be a great time to take up an artistic hobby.

If you have been having health issues, The Star indicates that you are coming into a time of great healing. It can be a signifier for good health and for health issues being resolved in a positive way. Or it can simply signify that you will be feeling much more hopeful about your future health.

Love & Relationships
The Star in a love Tarot reading can indicate a relationship with an Aquarius. If you are single, The Star is an indicator that you are ready to let go of any baggage you have been carrying from past relationships. Your future love life looks positive and now is a great time to meet people. It can also signify someone from your past coming back into your life to rekindle a relationship. If you are in a relationship the Star is a sign that your relationship will be progressing into something deeper. If you have had problems in the relationship previously, The Star tells you that these issues can be healed and you can have a bright future if you open yourself up to healing.

Money & Career
The Star in a career context indicates that you will have great opportunities coming your way in terms of work. If you have been waiting to find out the outcome of a promotion or job interview, The Star is very positive sign that things are going to go in your favour or something even better is going to come your way. It can also be an indicator that you would do well in a more creative role. You may be feeling very creatively inspired with The Star in your Tarot reading. Financially speaking, if you have been having money issues, The Star tells you that there is a way to get your finances in check. Now is a good time to make investments, within reason, as The Star in an upright position, signifies your finances moving in a positive direction.

In a spiritual context, The Star is a great omen. It indicates that you will be very in tune with the spirit world. If you are interested in psychic development, you may find that you come on in leaps and bounds with the Star in your Tarot reading. It’s also a great time to get involved in energy or healing work as you should be very open to healing at the moment.
The Star Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Hopelessness, despair, focusing on the negative, lack of faith, lack of inspiration, lack of creativity, boredom, monotony

General meaning and interpretation
The Star in a reversed position can indicate that you are feeling hopeless. Perhaps the difficult situations you have been through in the past have drained you of your lust for life and your faith in the universe’s plan for you. The Star reversed does not indicate that things are hopeless, only that you feel they are. You need to take responsibility for yourself and your attitude to life. You may want to consider seeking some professional counselling to help you heal the wounds of the past and leave them where they belong. The Star can signify that you have lost your confidence, your belief in yourself and your trust in your own abilities. This Major Arcana card can also be an indication of feeling anxious and overwhelmed. A change of attitude is needed to resolve this not necessarily a change of circumstances. Don’t allow yourself to continue to play the victim if you have long since left the situation in which you were victimised. The Star is telling you that it’s time to heal the past, draw a line under it and move forward. Seek support to do this if you need to. You can do anything you set your mind to, you just have to believe in yourself and focus on the positive. Start small and try to find one or two things to be grateful for in each day. A creative outlet might also be helpful to you if you are artistically inclined. Rediscover your creative side, it will help you heal.

In a health context, The Star reversed can indicate that your health is not all that bad but any issues you have will be magnified by your anxiety and pessimism at the moment. You may be worrying about your health and blowing any symptoms way out of proportion rather than going for a simple check-up. Try to focus on the positive. If you are worried about a health issue, go and get it checked by a doctor to put your mind at ease. Energy healing may be beneficial to you at the moment to boost your health and help you to let go of any negative energy you’re holding onto.

Love & Relationships
If you are in a relationship, The Star reversed indicates that you may have lost faith in the relationship or are focusing on the negative and missing the positive aspects of your relationship. Your relationship may have lost some of its spark, you may feel that the relationship has become stagnant and monotonous and that you and your partner have disconnected on some level. The Star reversed tells you that these problems can be fixed but you have to be prepared to heal old wounds and clear out any negative energy from the relationship if you want to go forward. If you are single, The Star reversed indicates loneliness and lack of faith in the universe’s plan for you. You may be feeling like you will never meet the right person for you. You may feel that you are becoming cynical about love. You need to release your fears and let go of the negative energy you’ve been holding on to in order to move forward. Love will appear when you least expect it!

Money & Career
In a career Tarot spread, The Star reversed indicates that you may be feeling bored in your career or feel that you are stuck in a career that is going nowhere. Monotony has set in and you no longer feel the creative spark or enthusiasm you once had. You need to change your attitude and start focusing on the positive. Things are not as bad as they seem and anything you are unhappy with is within your power to change. The Star reversed can also indicate that you are not using your creativity and are letting your talents go to waste. In a financial context, if your finances have not been going well, The Star reversed tells you that any problems are within your power to change. Reassess your financial plans in light of any recent changes in your circumstances and ask yourself are these plans still working for you and will they get you what you want? If not, look at what you can do to change them to suit your current circumstances. Don’t let anxiety over money overwhelm you, it’s not all doom and gloom! Things are not as bad as you think they are.

The Star reversed in a spiritual context shows that you have lost faith in the universe. You may feel like you are disconnected from spirit and you may be looking upon the difficulties you have faced in the past as an indication that you are doomed. Remember, the universe loves you. Even when you are going through terribly tough times, it is simply the universe giving you an opportunity to learn and grow. Reconnect to your spiritual side and try to find something to be grateful for in each day. You will not believe the difference such a small change can make to your outlook on life.