Upright: Security, control, power, discipline, abundance
Reversed: Authoritative, domineering, controlling

The King of Pentacles is a card of worldly success, ultimate fulfilment, material satisfaction, and high ambition. The King sits upon a throne decorated with carvings of bulls and vines and his robe is covered with embroidered grapevines rich with fruit. He appears very regal and sophisticated. At his feet and all around him are vines, flowers, and plants of all sorts, representing the highest attainment of material success. In his right hand, he holds the sceptre of his power and in his left he holds a golden coin, symbolic of his material influence. Behind him is his castle, a symbol of all he has built through his efforts and determination. This King is therefore very serious about financial security and has made the accumulation of funds his main preoccupation in life. He is very proud of his achievements and willing to show others his prized possessions.

The King of Pentacles represents abundance, security, ambition, power, stability, discipline, trustworthiness and control. He is a fatherly figure who likes to take care of others through providing advice, guidance and wisdom, as well as more material aspects such as financial support and wealth. He is a true provider and generates a lot of his self-worth from what he has accumulated and what he can share with others.
The King of Pentacles is a lot like King Midas. Everything he touches turns to gold. He is a shining example of financial stability, with wealth and experience coming easily to him and to share with everyone around him. This is a man who has reached the pinnacle of his financial power and influence and is able to rest assured of his continued prosperity. He is no longer required to struggle to achieve what he desires, like the Page and the Knight, and is able to accomplish anything he wants because he has already proven himself.
Thus, the King of Pentacles often indicates the final fulfilment of a creative task, business venture, or investment. Through diligence, responsibility and attention to detail you have achieved great things and can finally say that you have completed your task or attained your goal. You can now enjoy all that you have accomplished and the successes you have created. You have created a richness of life, not just financially but also spiritually, which will set you up very well for the future.
Whenever you need the skills to manage your day-to-day affairs competently and efficiently, you can call upon the King of Pentacles. Work hard, methodically and conscientiously. Give generously of your time and resources, because by giving you often receive more, and making more money is something that all Kings of Pentacles love to do!
This King is business-oriented and highly enterprising. He becomes thoroughly engaged in any activity that provides the ability to generate more wealth or more business. He is able to make any venture successful and can find a business opportunity almost anywhere! He can take an idea and make it work financially. He is a natural-born manager (as opposed to a leader, which is more representative in the King of Wands) and business person.
The King of Pentacles indicates that a methodical, planned and well thought-out approach will lead you to success. Many consider the King of Pentacles to be dull and unimaginative but this is a likely consequence of his preference to do things in the most ‘tried and tested’ way. You have experimented in the past with what works best and have landed on your own methods and practices that you know will continue to work for you in the future. So, you continue down this path rather than trying new ways of doing things. You know that you have reached the height of achievement and you do not need to take any more risks.
The King of Pentacles also calls on you to be pragmatic and to stay informed on practical matters. You need to get down to the basics and use your problem-solving ability to get to a solution. You also need to be able to leverage your various skills and resources in order to create success. This King can also play the political game well, interacting comfortably with everyone, no matter what his or her status.
The King of Pentacles reminds you to remember that appreciating the sensual, luxurious side to life often makes life more pleasurable. As such, this King is about quality over quantity, and learning to enjoy a full and joyful life. He is not afraid to spend money when appropriate so that he can generate much joy and benefit from life.

The King of Pentacles reversed may show some possible downsides or character traits to be aware of. He can show an excessive interest in material things, including good food, wine or sex. These can be fun but can also be taken to an extreme. He can also be very stubborn and traditional about some things, which could be exasperating. He also expects to be King of his castle, and is possessive about his home and things.
The King of Pentacles reversed is a man who will do anything for money. He is impressed by other people’s status and social position and will readily say ‘yes’ to any requests from those above him. At the same time, he dismisses those who do not hold the same level of authority and status, and may come across as a ‘snob’ to others. He is constantly name-dropping and trying to prove himself by bragging about the people he knows. This reversed King can be either a workaholic or an extremely lazy man who expects others to look after him financially. He may care only for his possessions, and uses other people to gain them. He may be someone who marries for money, leaving the person only when he has gone through all of their resources.
The reversed King of Pentacles can be highly rigid in his approach, so when this King shows up in a reading, look at your life. Are you feeling ‘stuck in a rut’? Having your feet on the ground is a good thing but everybody needs to lighten up once in awhile and stick their heads in the clouds, even if it is just for a breath of fresh air.
As the upright King of Pentacles reflects a committed and devoted partner, the reversal of this card may indicate fear of commitment or a strong desire NOT to be committed to anyone. You may have thought you met the ‘man of your dreams’ or your ‘future husband’ in this person but you have quickly come to realise that he is not what you are looking for. He may not be as reliable or dependable as initially thought, and instead he has become overly controlling, authoritative and possessive in your relationship with him.
Similarly, your partner, who is normally there to provide for you and protect you, may recently be going through a difficult period and now the tables have turned. Up until now, you have seen him as your rock, someone who is incredibly well-established, accomplished, sturdy, stoic, proud and successful. However, now you must be the ‘rock’ and the firm foundation, supporting your partner while he regains his strength and courage. There may be increased instability and uncertainty over the coming months.
In a family relationship, the reversed King of Pentacles can indicate the possibility of familial abuse, particularly through misuse of power, authority and control. He may be highly disciplinary, rigid and inflexible, failing to show his love through positive means and only suppressing the spirit of others.



King of Pentacles Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Mature grounded male, successful, wealthy businessman, bettering yourself, not a risk-taker, empire, thriving, high status, stability, security, enterprising, provider, cautious, careful, loyal, faithful, dependable, supporting, encouraging, conservative, principled, reaching goals, hard work will pay off, seeing things through to the end

General meaning and interpretation
In a general Tarot spread, the King of Pentacles represents trying to better oneself, hard work paying off, reaching goals, seeing things through to the end and being proud of your achievements. This Minor Arcana card can represent reaching high social status and being enterprising, resourceful and principled. As a person, the King of Pentacles represents a mature successful grounded man who is good in business, patient, stable, secure, loyal and a hard worker. He is a generous provider but is not careless or frivolous with his wealth and he doesn’t gamble or take silly risks. He is conservative and can be stubborn but he is also faithful and a protector. He is a great father in terms of providing stability and security but can come across as a bit blunt when dealing with emotional matters as he copes better with practical matters. He may be an Earth sign such as Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

In a health Tarot reading, the King of Pentacles is a good health omen usually as he is epitome of health and physical strength and well-being. He indicates that you will have stability and security in terms of your health so, if you have been concerned about your health, any issues are likely to be resolved easily or may not be as bad as you think.

Love & Relationships
In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the King of Pentacles indicates that you have reached a very secure, comfortable and stable stage of your relationship. Now is the time to sit back and enjoy all the fruits of your hard work and perseverance. If representing a person in the relationship, the King of Pentacles represents a grounded mature man who will be patient, dependable, stable and nurturing. He is loyal and faithful. He will take great care of his partner and children and work hard to provide them with a good standard of life. He cares deeply about his partner but may sometimes struggle with expressing his emotions. However, he will express his love by being a generous provider and making his partner feeling secure and cared for. If you are single, the King of Pentacles indicates that you are more than ready for a serious relationship. You have worked hard at finding stability within yourself and you now want to share that with someone who wants the same things as you and can match you in terms of maturity. It can also represent meeting someone who embodies the qualities of the King of Pentacles.

Money & Career
In a career context, the King of Pentacles is a great omen indicating successful business or a business empire. He signifies thriving in work matters, achieving a high level of status in your chosen field or reaching your goals. It can also indicate that an older man will provide you with practical support and encouragement in a career setting. This man will be generous towards you in terms of giving you his time, support or advice and you would do well to listen to him. It can also be an indication that you may be suited to a career in finance, business, banking or more Earthly fields. In a financial context, the King of Pentacles is also a good omen as it represents hard work paying off. Things should be going well in money matters at the moment. You may have reached a stage of financial security and stability in your life, this will not be by chance but a result of all the effort and prudent investments you have made previously. You are at a point where you can be generous to those around you and enjoy the finer things in life.

In a spirituality context, the King of Pentacles indicates that after many years of focusing on the material aspects of life or financial stability you now have room for something more in your life. All that you need to be secure is in place, now is the time to expand your horizons and connect to the spiritual aspects of yourself. This will enrich your life in ways materialism never could.
Reversed Meaning Guide
King of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Ungrounded male, unsuccessful businessman, corruption, extortion, instability, poor judgement, gambler, collapse of an empire, bankruptcy, underqualified, broke, slob, materialistic, greedy, hasty decisions, disloyal, unfaithful, unsupportive, discouraging, obstinate, cold, uncaring, ruthless, losing your grip on things,

General meaning and interpretation
In a general Tarot spread, the King of Pentacles reversed represents losing your grip on things, not reaching your goals or not seeing things through to the end. This Minor Arcana card reversed can represent losing your social status, failure or lack of success, being impractical, unprincipled, taking ill-advised risks, making hasty decisions or having poor judgement. As a person, the King of Pentacles reversed can represent an older unsuccessful or ungrounded man. There can be two extremes of the King of Pentacles in a reversed position. The first is an older male who is a slob, lazy, bad in business or has poor judgement. This King is usually broke, a gambler or unsuccessful risk-taker who is weak and in his extreme negative a complete deadbeat. The other is an older male who is ruthless and corrupt. His greed knows no bounds. He is usually unfaithful. He is a hypocritical cheater who will try to hold everyone around him to exacting standards that he would never reach himself. He is a miser and a money grabber and a terrible father as his obsession with materialism makes him cold, uncaring and unsupportive. He may be an Earth sign such as Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

In a health Tarot reading, the King of Pentacles reversed can indicate insecurity and lack of stability with health. This insecurity may be leading to you excessive anxiety about your health and you may find yourself obsessing about symptoms and illnesses. Relax! If you think you have an issue then get it checked out by a healthcare professional but don’t make yourself sick with worry! As with the Knight of Pentacles reversed, the King of Pentacles reversed can also indicate going to extremes of unhealthy lifestyle by either overworking your body or complete laziness. Except in the King’s case this extreme can be even more pronounced. As with the Knight, you need to find balance. Moderation is the key to a healthy happy lifestyle.


In a spirituality context, the King of Pentacles reversed can indicate that you have become so obsessed with material wealth, possessions or image that you have completely lost touch with your spiritual side and your true essence. You can’t take your possessions with you when you cross over and it’s the love we gave and received in our lives that will matter most in the end, not the car you drove or house big your house was. At the moment, it seems you know the price of everything but the value of nothing. You need to stop and try to connect to what is truly important before you lose something that you can’t put a price on.

Love & Relationships
In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the King of Pentacles reversed indicates that you have failed to reach the level of security, comfort and stability you wanted from your relationship and this may be causing problems between you and your partner. Jealously, possessiveness, manipulation and controlling behaviour may all be issues in the relationship. If representing a person in the relationship, the King of Pentacles reversed can represent an older ungrounded man who may be impatient, irresponsible, unreliable, unstable and unsupportive. He can be disloyal and a cheater and may engage the services of prostitutes or be unfaithful with a mistress. He may neglect his partner and children either through his obsession with materialism and greed or through laziness, gambling or risky activities. He can be cold-hearted and ruthless and may use money as a means to control his partner or get what he wants. If you are single, the King of Pentacles reversed can indicate meeting someone who earns more than you or is of higher status than you and they may try to use this as a means of controlling you. This person may spoil you and shower you with gifts but there is an ulterior motive to their generosity. It can represent meeting someone who embodies the qualities of the King of Pentacles reversed, be careful.

Money & Career
In a career context, the King of Pentacles reversed is not a great omen as it can indicate unsuccessful businesses or the destruction or collapse of a business empire. He signifies instability in work matters or failure to achieve your goals. You may be working in a career that doesn’t suit you or lack the determination, commitment or work ethic to make your career a success. This card can also represent corruption and extortion so make sure all your dealings are above board when it appears in your Tarot reading. This Minor Arcana card reversed can also indicate that a ruthless older man may discourage you or try to undermine you in a work setting. Try to rise above his negativity if that is the case, he is cold hearted, miserly and greedy and you will not get the support you need from him. Try to focus on those that will support you and limit your dealings with this man if you can. If you are looking for a job or promotion, it can be an indication that you may be underqualified for it at this time. In a financial context, the King of Pentacles reversed is also not a good omen as it can represent bankruptcy or being broke. Things may not be going well in money matters at the moment. You may not have put proper financial plans in place to provide you with financial security or you may have gambled your money and lost or made poor decisions or risky investments. Alternatively, you may have all the money you need but are not sharing it with those around you. You can keep control of your finances without being miserly, greedy or a money grabber. Try to be generous and enjoy giving.