Upright: Emotional security, calm, intuitive, compassionate
Reversed: Emotional insecurity, co-dependency

The Queen of Cups is the Queen of the realm of emotions. She is a beautiful, introspective woman who sits on a throne at the edge of the sea. In her hands, she cradles a beautiful cup with handles shaped like angels. The cup is closed, an indication that the thoughts of the Queen originate from the unconscious, from the depths of her own soul. Wearing a gold crown and silver robe, she is alone, sitting and staring at this cup, which she holds before her with both hands on the base. The stone throne upon which she sits is decorated with images of sea-nymphs, fish, and scallop shells. The sea and fish are symbols of the unconscious mind and water in general represents emotion, spirit, and feeling. The cloudless bright blue sky and placid water of the sea surround her. Her feet do not touch the water; they rest comfortably on colourful rocks washed up in front of her.

The Queen of Cups is nurturing, caring, compassionate and sensitive. She is a good wife and a loving mother as she is emotionally secure and can connect on an emotional level with others. She is admired for her fairness and honesty, and is warm-hearted. Often a healer, counsellor or psychic, this is a woman who seems to know what is wrong even before you open your mouth. She seems to have exactly the right solution to problems relating to relationships, emotions and feelings. She easily tunes in to what you are feeling and is able to help you make sense of it in a sensitive and compassionate manner. As such, her intuition is very strong and she has a unique talent at being able to pick up on emotional energy.
As with the Court Cards, the Queen of Cups can manifest as a person in your life or as a part of yourself. She often appears as a mature female.
No intuition is more powerful than that of the Queen of Cups. She is the pure force of Water, and her connection with the subconscious is rivalled only by the High Priestess. She is often like a mirror, reflecting the hidden depths of others back to them, so they can see their own mysteries for themselves. Thus, the Queen of Cups indicates that you need to trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Trust the sensations and the feelings you are getting from your outside environment.
When the Queen of Cups appears in a reading, it suggests that you need to empathise with others and to show true compassion. Focus on the emotional well-being of others rather than relying on rational or logical explanation. You are here to support and to teach others, by drawing upon your own intuition and sense of calm and emotional connectedness. Learn how those in need cope with life’s challenges and share your knowledge. Hug someone you care about.
One of the greatest assets of the Queen of Cups is her ability to sense the needs of those around her. Due to her associations with the element of water, the Queen of Cups can be passive and receptive. Her sensitivity draws those who struggle and suffer towards her. In many ways, she is a safe harbor for others. Her ability to connect on a soul level enables her to remedy the broken hearts of others. Her warmth and genuine caring make her a beacon of light. Because she is so responsive to the feelings of others, the Queen of Cups must constantly uphold her boundaries between herself and others. If not properly protected, the Queen of Cups can lose her own sense of self. This is her greatest vulnerability.
The Queen of Cups tends to think with her heart, rather than her head. She may lack common sense and rationality but she is highly intuitive and sometimes psychic and dreamy. Similarly, if you are finding that the logical approach is not working, then the Queen of Cups encourages you to follow your heart and not your mind. You may be required to turn inward and explore your emotions about a particular situation.
The Queen of Cups symbolises achievements made possible by the use of imagination and creativity. This is a woman who is highly imaginative and artistically gifted, affectionate and romantic in outlook. She is often involved in creative or literary pursuits, and enjoys art, good music, literature and things of beauty. Therefore, you may be more inclined to pursue creative projects, particularly if it acts as a form of self-expression.

The Queen of Cups reversed suggests that you may be feeling out of touch with your emotions or that you are forced to restrict how you are really feeling deep inside. You may be struggling to express yourself effectively, instead bottling up your feelings internally. If you do not address these emotional issues, they will eventually reach boiling point. Your stress levels may increase and your ability to cope with everyday issues could suffer.
The Queen of Cups reversed suggests some dissatisfaction or feeling of disconnection from your spirituality that has arisen in your life. This may be as simple as a growing realisation that you need to find your path and get more involved on a meaningful level with others in your faith.
The reversed Queen of Cups may also suggest that you are allowing your imagination to run away with you. You mean well but unfortunately you cannot be relied on. You are letting your emotions take hold and you are not thinking clearly with your head. At its worst, the precious qualities of imagination and flowing fantasy might turn out to be weakness and thoughtlessness, turning in any direction that any wind may blow, getting lost in a dream world of unreal fantasies. You are becoming easily overwhelmed by emotion, and you are becoming moody, unstable, brooding, suspicious, and overly secretive.
The Queen of Cups reversed represents an overemotional wreck who can be driven to manipulative and vindictive behaviour. Your mood swings are making life difficult for others and you are emotionally draining on those around you. You tend to play the emotional heartstrings to your advantage. Within you, you may also harbor angst and self-loathing for your inability to do more with yourself and your talents.
In relationships, this card heralds a time when separating the emotions from any sense of sensibility may be difficult. Strong emotions may seem to take all parties on a roller coaster ride. Within projects, jobs, or workplaces, all members may feel their emotions are a little frayed from stress. With this in mind, the reversed Queen of Cups also warns against entering into any agreements with those who seem to play on your sense of guilt or pull on your emotional heartstrings, for they may not be what they seem.
The reversed Queen of Cups can indicate an over-reliance on other people’s emotional responses, which may result in a co-dependency type relationship. You may want to examine your current relationships. Is there co-dependency? Are you giving too much of yourself and not getting anything in return? This Queen nurtures for the sake of inducing dependency, and places undue importance on being in a relationship, no matter what its quality. There could also be a tendency towards having too many expectations from your partner.
A reversed Queen of Cups can also indicate the abuse of alcohol and substances, particularly if this abuse is driven by your emotional state (i.e. you drink more when you are feeling upset).


General Meaning
Traditionally, representing the energy of a Queen, this card traditionally portrays a sensitive, vulnerable, omniscient woman who offers unconditional love. She is supremely empathic — sometimes to a fault. Her caring nature exposes her to everybody else’s emotions and needs.
This person sometimes has difficulty identifying her own best interests in the midst of her responsiveness to others. As a result, she sometimes appears slightly unfocused or perhaps overwhelmed, filled as she is with “spirits”. She represents the Grail Queen, as well as the Goddess of the Family.

In the Advice Position
Exercise your empathy. Be nurturing to others in a way that allows them to understand what it is all about.
The card in the Advice position suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible.
The Queen of Cups in this position encourages you to be generous, kind and forgiving. Support the ability of others to get what they want. Nevertheless, remember as with anyone in a caretaking position, you have a fine line to walk. You do not want your loved ones or teammates to become complacent or dependent, as if they can take your support for granted with little or no consideration for your needs.
Cultivate an awareness of love as freely giving and receiving. In the process, help clarify the important difference between receiving energy and taking it. Do not allow your willingness to give be misunderstood or abused, as if it were a weakness.



The personality of the Queen of Cups combines the positive water energy of the Cups suit with the inward focus of a Queen. Because she has a sweet, loving and sensitive nature, the Queen of Cups has a kind word for everyone and never reacts with anger or impatience. There is a gentleness about her that soothes and calms. Compassion is her watchword. Her reactions to the world are guided by her feelings. In all matters, she lets her heart lead the way. She senses emotional currents and knows what others are experiencing without having to ask. She is never moody, but understands moods and their influence. She trusts her intuition and so is more open to knowledge that comes from within herself and beyond. She is often moved by the beauty and tragedy of life. The Queen of Cups feels deeply and has a reverence for all aspects of God’s creation. Her love includes and embraces everyone and everything.

In readings, the Queen of Cups asks you to think and feel as she does. For example: Are you aware of the emotional climate? Are you feeling loving? Do you trust your heart? Have you received an intuitive message? Have you been moved by another’s pain?

This Queen can also represent a man or woman who is like her, or an atmosphere of gentle love, acceptance and respect for feelings. In a reading, she tells you that her special energy has meaning for you at this time. Let yourself be inspired by this Queen in whatever form she appears in your life.


Queen of Cups Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Mature emotional female, security, femininity, loving, warmth, sensitivity, kindness, happiness, intuition, romance, loyal, faithful, shy, easily wounded, pretty, beauty, daydreamer, psychic, empath, creative artistic, inspirational, healer, listener, counsellor, caring, supportive, good mother

General meaning and interpretation
In a general context, the Queen of Cups Tarot card can generally signify a woman or women in your life who will be supportive and caring towards you. This Minor Arcana card is also a sign that you should be mindful of how you treat yourself and others or to treat people with compassion and sympathy. She can also indicate that you may be more sensitive than you let on to the outside world and that harsh actions or hurtful comments affect you more than you show to the outside world. This card can also indicate a tendency to daydream and a big imagination. As a person, the Queen of Cups represents a mature female or feminine person who is kind, caring and supportive. The Queen of Cups is a sentimental, sensitive soul and a good listener. She is empathetic to the feelings of others. As a mother, partner or friend, the Queen of Cups is affectionate, loving and warm. However, she can also be shy and have a tendency to daydream. She is creative, artistic and intuitive and she appreciates beauty. She may be a water sign such as Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces

In a health context, the Queen of Cups can indicate caring or support being offered to you. This can in some cases be a sign that you will require support in order to deal with an injury or illness. However, it can also simply be an indication that you need to show more compassion to yourself and your body. Try not to treat yourself too harshly if you are struggling with an illness or injury, try to take good care of yourself and give yourself the time you need to heal. Alternately, it can indicate that you will be such a positive state of health that you are able to offer support, caring or healing to someone who needs it.

Love & Relationships
In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the Queen of Cups can indicate a time of caring, fulfilment and emotional security in the relationship. This card can also indicate that you need to be open and honest about your feelings to get the best outcome for your relationship. If you are single, the Queen of Cups indicates that now is a great time to get out there and meet new people as a new romance could be coming your way! If representing a person, she indicates a female or feminine person who will be warm, loving, caring and affectionate. This person is a great listener and has compassion in abundance. The Queen of Cups can also come across as quiet or shy. She will be a loyal and faithful partner, make sure you treat her well!

Money & Career
In a career context, the Queen of Cups reversed can be an indication that you may be feeling overly emotional or sensitive to other people’s moods which could be causing you stress in work. It can also be an indication that you are giving too much of yourself to your work or becoming disorganised and not managing your time properly, leaving you exhausted or drained. Try to maintain a balance between your work and personal life. It can also signify a lack of focus or direction causing you to become restless. The Queen of Cups reversed can indicate that you may be feeling creatively stifled or experiencing creative or artistic blocks. In a financial context, the Queen of Cups reversed is not a great omen as it can indicate financial insecurity. Be cautious when investing and make sure you understand all the risks involved and can trust the people you are dealing with, do not leave yourself vulnerable to financial losses. This Minor Arcana card when reversed also warns against being shallow or silly with money.

In a spiritual context, the Queen of Cups signifies strong intuition or psychic abilities. If you are seeking to develop your psychic abilities this card is a great omen to get as she indicates a big increase in psychic powers. It can also indicate that an intuitive female will help you on your spiritual path.
Queen of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Emotional immaturity, insecurity, lack of trust, lacking direction, weak, giving too much, overly-sensitive, needy, shallow, frivolous, silly, self-centred, disorganised, depressed, sulky, smothering, bitter, vengeful, manipulative, spiteful, disloyal, unfaithful, blocked intuition, stifled creativity

General meaning and interpretation
In a general context, the Queen of Cups reversed Tarot card generally indicates emotional immaturity. She can also indicate that you may be feeling overly sensitive, insecure, depressed or sulky. This Minor Arcana card reversed warns you to avoid becoming bitter or vengeful if things do not go your way. You should always seek to rise above your challenges and not give way to spitefulness or jealousy. As a person, the Queen of Cups reversed can represent a female or feminine person who is weak, directionless or shallow. The Queen of Cups reversed repesents a mature female or feminine person who can be overly sensitive, needy or clingy. She may lack empathy for others as she becomes caught up in self-centredness. As a mother, the Queen of Cups reversed can be disorganised, manipulative or smothering. As a friend or partner she can be disloyal, shallow and unfaithful. She may be a water sign such as Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

In a health context, the Queen of Cups reversed can indicate that you may be extending yourself too much to the detriment of your health. Try to take time out for yourself and find the balance you need. It can also indicate that you may be overly sensitive to harsh or toxic environments, people or situations which could manifest in physical symptoms. Take care of yourself first and foremost.

Love & Relationships
In a love Tarot spread, if you are in a relationship, the Queen of Cups reversed can be a warning not to let your insecurities or lack of trust affect your relationship. If you have been acting clingy or needy you need to get back control of your emotions before you push your partner away. Alternately, if you have been rushing around trying to keep your partner happy, you need to remember to look after your own needs first or you will burn out. Try to find the emotional balance and do not allow others to take advantage of your good nature. If you are single, the Queen of Cups reversed is not a great omen as you may not be in a good place emotionally right now and may attract people who will seek to take advantage of your vulnerability! Take some time out to deal with any issues and find your own inner balance before you date anyone. If representing a person, the Queen of Cups reversed can be emotionally unstable or immature, needy, moody or sulky. She is generally not a great person to be around as she can be self-centred, manipulative or shallow. She can also be disloyal, unfaithful, vengeful, bitter and spiteful!

Money & Career
In a career context, the Queen of Cups can be an indication that you need to consider if your current career is fulfilling your emotional as well as material needs. This card can indicate that you would be suited to a career in a caring profession such as nursing, counselling or healing or a creative field such as art or fashion. It can also indicate that an emotionally mature female will offer you the support and guidance you need in your career. She can also be a reminder to focus on the emotional wellbeing of yourself and your work colleagues rather than just focusing on business. In a financial context, the Queen of Cups is a good omen as you should be experiencing financial security when she appears. However, this card tells you not to get caught up in making investments or complicated financial deals. Keep an eye on your finances but the other areas of your life should be taking precedence when she appears.

In a spiritual context, the Queen of Cups reversed can signify blocked intuition or psychic abilities not being used to their potential. If you are seeking to develop your psychic abilities this card tells you to slow down, your psychic abilities will develop in their own time. If you try to push too far too fast you could cause yourself frustration and inadvertently block your intuition. Alternately, it can indicate that you are ignoring your spiritual gifts as you are overly focused on superficial matters. It can also indicate that you may be lacking spiritual direction, look to emotionally mature females for guidance on this.