Upright: Gratitude, luxury, self-sufficiency, culmination
Reversed: Over-investment in work, financial setbacks

The Nine of Pentacles shows a mature woman walking in the midst of a vineyard. The vines are heavy with grapes and golden coins representing the fruitful accomplishment of all her desires. A falcon sits calmly on her left hand, symbolising her own intellectual and spiritual self-control. Far in the background is a large house, presumably belonging to the woman herself. There is a general sense of peace, satisfaction, and the fulfilment of a creative venture or personal investment in the image of the Nine of Pentacles that offers a more permanent, lasting achievement as the result of one’s own efforts.

The Nine of Pentacles indicates that you have reached a point in your life where you are feeling self-confident, self-sufficient, independent and free. By acting on your own accord, you have attained well-deserved success and may now enjoy money, leisure time, pleasure, material comfort and rest. You appreciate what is now available to you, knowing that the difficulties are over. You also know that you can complete any work necessary through confidence, self-discipline and patience.
The Nine of Pentacles is about enjoying the good life and the fruits of your labour. You have worked hard to get here, so now, sit back and relax and enjoy some of life’s luxuries. You deserve it! Do not be afraid to splurge, indulge or pamper yourself, particularly if it is as a reward for all of your hard work. Treat yourself to a special occasion, to simply celebrate the journey you have been on to achieve your goals and to re-energise yourself for the next phase. You are close to reaching completion, so acknowledge this and then prepare for what will come after.
Sometimes, however, the Nine of Pentacles can indicate that you are close to reaching your goal but you have not yet made it. So, as a result, you may want to stick to your program and continue sacrificing until you have reached that goal. You are showing great self-discipline and self-control to ensure you get to where you want to be.
Whilst the suit of Pentacles typically focuses on material wealth and gain, the Nine of Pentacles also suggests that you are in harmony with the nature that is around you. You have an appreciation for the beauty and abundance found in nature and you are able to harness this energy to bring pleasure into your life. You may enjoy gardening or floristry, or you may simply like to pass your time in the beauty of nature with picnics or walks in the park.
The Nine of Pentacles can indicate a time of restraint, poise and grace. The figure in the card is very lady-like and refined. She lives a comfortable, luxurious lifestyle and is able to keep herself looking ‘nice’. This is a time when you need to carry yourself with grace and refinement, and to be tactful and diplomatic in your dealings with others.

In its reversed position, the Nine of Pentacles suggests that you may be suffering from financial setbacks or you have experienced a loss due to unwise decisions or foolish actions. Your foundations may be about to give way. If they do, learn from your mistakes and build a more solid and secure foundation next time.
The Nine of Pentacles reversed can also indicate an over-investment in work. You are working long hours at the detriment of your personal life. This is a good time to return to a natural setting (e.g. a forest, beach, mountain or lake) to restore your energies and rejuvenate yourself.
Similarly, the reversed Nine of Pentacles suggests that you may need to release some of your focus on needing to sustain particular income and a particular standard of living, especially if this is coming in the way of other life priorities such as family or relationships. You may think you need the best of everything but really, all you need is your family and loved ones around you. Do not be afraid to take a cut to your income for a short time or to reduce your hours at work, even if this means that you have to eat rice and beans each night for a week to make up for it! It is important that you are focused on what is most important to you. Finances may need to come second and while you need to at least have food on the table, there may be some areas where you can cut back and reduce your dependence on material wealth.
On the other hand, the Nine of Pentacles reversed shows that you want to be able to lead a luxurious life but there is something getting in the way. For example, part of you knows you deserve a beautiful home but another part of you doubts yourself and whether or not you can truly afford it or whether you are going too far and splurging. You want to be surrounded by beauty but you also do not want to be dependent on material possessions for your satisfaction and fulfilment. You do not want to be seen as spending your money frivolously, and so you are reluctant to invest in ‘luxury’.



Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Independence, success, financial stability/security, profit, prosperity, wealth, property, abundance, rewards through hard work, collecting on investments, thriving business, status, freedom, wisdom, maturity, indulgence, contentment, self-discipline/ control/ reliance, sophistication, elegance, grace, beauty, pregnancy, birth, menopause, mature or independent woman, retirement, taking it easy

General meaning and interpretation

In a general context, the Nine of Pentacles is a great omen to get as it represents success, independence, confidence, freedom, security and stability. It is a Minor Arcana card of abundance, prosperity and wealth gained through hard work, self-discipline and control and self-reliance. It signifies that you have worked very hard to create the success and status you are experiencing and now is the time to enjoy it. So indulge yourself, pamper yourself and enjoy the luxury and contentment your accomplishments bring you. The Nine of Pentacles also signifies beauty, grace, elegance and sophistication so you may find yourself enjoying the finer things in life when it appears. This card also tells you that you have gained maturity and wisdom through your perseverance. If representing a person, it usually represents a strong, confident, independent woman who is beautiful and sophisticated and has worked hard to get where she is.

In a health Tarot reading, the Nine of Pentacles is a positive omen indicating good health. It is a welcome sign if you have been trying to improve your health, lifestyle or fitness or recovering from an illness or injury as it indicates success achieved through hard work. Continue putting the work in and you will reap the benefits. It can also indicate a pregnancy or birth or for mature women can be signify going through the menopause.

Love & Relationships
In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the Nine of Pentacles can indicate stability and security in a relationship that gives you the freedom, independence and support to pursue your dreams. If you are in business or building your career, your partner will offer you support and encouragement. You and your partner are likely to have similar goals and will work hard to achieve them. For mature couples, it can be an indication that you have reached a point in your relationship where you can finally stop and smell the roses and enjoy the rewards of all the hard work you have put in over the years. If you are single, it can indicate enjoying the freedom and independence of being single. It can also indicate a relationship with an independent women or a mature woman who is beautiful, stylish, sophisticated, elegant or graceful. Or, it can signify that you will display those characteristics yourself. Whatever the case, anyone who wants to start a relationship with the lady represented by this Minor Arcana card will have to work hard to earn her respect or affection, she has worked hard to get to where she is and won’t allow anyone in to her life who is not worthy of being there. It can also indicate pregnancy or birth, look to supporting cards to confirm this.

Money & Career

In a career context, the Nine of Pentacles is a good omen indicating success, prosperity, reward and achievement through hard work and professionalism. You should be reaching a point in your career where you can enjoy the status or level of success you have attained. If you are in business, this card signifies reaching a point where the business is thriving and profits should be rolling in. You have worked hard to get to where you are and now is the time to breath it all in and enjoy it. The Nine of Pentacles can signify retirement for mature people, a time when they can finally take a step back and enjoy all the fruits of their labour. In a financial Tarot reading, the Nine of Pentacles is also a good omen representing abundance, financial independence, stability and security. If you have made investments, they may be maturing and it could be time to collect on them. Business ventures should be profitable. You may enjoying the higher status wealth brings when this Minor Arcana card appears. It can also signify searching for a property or buying a house or some land.

In a spiritual context, the Nine of Pentacles tells you that the previous effort you have put in to pursuing your spiritual path will pay off leaving you full of confidence. You have gained great insight and wisdom from the journey. Spiritually, everything you need you should have in abundance when this card appears. Be sure to thank the universe and those that have helped you along the way by paying it forward.
Nine of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Lack of independence/stability/security, reckless spending, shady investments, working too hard, not earning your wealth, gold-digger, marrying for money/ status, prostitution, dishonesty, deceit, theft, property damage, con artist, scams, cheap, superficial, no style, failure, lack of self-discipline, lack of sophistication/elegance, over-indulgence, miscarriage, termination, reproductive issues.

General meaning and interpretation
In a general context, the Nine of Pentacles reversed can indicate a lack of independence, confidence, freedom, security or stability. This Minor Arcana card in a reversed position can signify that someone may be trying to get rewards without putting the work in. You get out of life what you put in so make the effort. Also, it warns you to remember that material possessions are not the key to happiness and putting all the focus on them can cause people to become superficial and come across as cheap, shallow or tacky. Alternatively, this card can represent someone working so hard in one area of life to the detriment of other areas. There is nothing wrong with focusing on your goals but remember not to let the rest of your life pass you by. There is also an element of dishonesty or deceitfulness represented by this card so be sure you are treating others with honesty and integrity and be wary of dishonesty from others when it appears in your Tarot reading. Also, be careful not to overindulge when this card appears as it can indicate a lack of self-control. The Nine of Pentacles reversed also signifies a lack of grace, elegance, sophistication or style. If representing a person, it can represent a female who is money hungry, superficial, deceitful and reckless or who lacks sophistication, confidence or maturity.

In a health context, the Nine of Pentacles reversed can signify over-indulgence, lack of self-control or self-discipline leading to health or fitness issues. If you have been experiencing health issues, consider the changes you could make to your lifestyle, diet or fitness that could assist you in resolving these issues. It can also be an indicator of termination of a pregnancy, miscarriage or reproductive issues in general but you would need to look to supporting cards to confirm this. Be sure to attend any smear test or breast check appointments when this card appears just to be on the safe side.

Love & Relationships
In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the Nine of Pentacles reversed can indicate a lack of stability and security. It can be a sign that you or your partner are over indulging in things or being spoiled, running up bills and expecting the other to cover the expenses, as this card reversed often indicates someone who wants all the rewards without putting the work in. It can also indicate some sort of deceit or deception in a relationship. This card will appear often for people who are in a relationship for the wrong reasons, for example those who marry for money and status rather than love. It can simply be an indication that you and your partner have become too focused on the material or superficial aspects of life and need to get back to what’s really important and reconnect with each other. If you are single, the Nine of Pentacles reversed can indicate that you may be looking for a partner for the wrong reasons or being duped by someone who wants you for your wealth or status rather than being romantically interested in you. This Minor Arcana card can indicate a relationship involving a gold digger or someone who is materialist, superficial, cheap or tacky. This person may lack sophistication, elegance, grace or style. This card can also represent prostitution. If you are wealthy, you need to be careful about who you trust and make sure you know their motives.

Money & Career
In a career context, the Nine of Pentacles reversed is a not a great omen as it can indicate failure due to lack of effort. You should not expect success if you are not prepared to work for it. Alternatively, you may have been working too hard or putting so much effort into your career that you are letting the rest of your life slip by you. If you are in business, it can be an indication that you need to review your security. This Minor Arcana card can signify scams, con artists and theft of property or possessions so be very wary of who you trust, check all contracts and agreements before signing and be security conscious when it appears. In a financial Tarot reading, the Nine of Pentacles reversed can represent being financially reckless, overspending and living beyond your means. It can also represent a lack of financial independence, stability or security. If you are tempted to engage in risky financial deals, this card tells you to reconsider. It also warns you not to put your money into “get rich quick” schemes or shady investments as they are likely to result in failure and leave you broke.

In a spiritual context, the Nine of Pentacles reversed tells you need to show self-discipline. You may be clinging to beliefs that don’t work for you as you lack the confidence or motivation to take an independent spiritual path. When it comes to your spirituality, you really will get out of it what you put in. There are no short-cuts!