Upright: Regretful but necessary transition, rite of passage
Reversed: Cannot move on, carrying baggage

The Six of Swords depicts a woman and a young child being rowed across a body of water towards a land that lies not far ahead. The woman’s head is covered, indicating sadness or loss as she moves away from something in her past. The water to the right of the boat is turbulent but the water to the left and near the land to which they are journeying is calm and steady. Although there is an indication of change or loss in the Six of Swords, and therefore a sense of moving away from something, there is also a sense of moving towards a more promising future. The calm waters in the distance suggest that the woman and child are now moving away from turmoil and conflict toward peace and tranquillity, even though they are both sad to leave behind their pasts. In the boat are six upright swords, symbolising the power of a rational mind over the heart and the intuition

The Six of Swords shows that you will need to make a regretful transition, as a likely result of the decisions you make. You know that in order to move forward, you must leave something important behind, and while you do this with some regret, you know that in the long-term it is the best option for you. There are times when you will be forced to let go of something to which you have been attached, and the process of letting go is often quite challenging. However, the sadness of your loss will soon be replaced by greater clarity, bringing about a renewed acceptance of change. Do not be afraid to let go of whatever it is that is holding you in the present or the past. Instead look to your future and choose the best option that has the greatest long-term potential. There are going to be some hard decisions and some compromises that you will need to make but this is ultimately a ‘rite of passage’ that will take you into a new phase of your life.
You need to realise that you are now headed towards a much better position in life. You have endured, or are currently enduring, a difficult life transition but as a result, you will be more able to deal with what may come. Do not dwell on the past or what you have left behind. Instead, use this as an opportunity for changing your beliefs about yourself, moving away from whom you used to be and towards whom you really want to be.
Sometimes the only way to solve life’s problems is to leave them behind you and go somewhere new to start over. While it may feel as though you are giving up or being a coward, escape is often the only approach left when all others have failed. The important thing now is that you chart a new course that will lead to greater happiness and joy. The Six of Swords also shows the need to draw upon a state of mental clarity, logic and objectivity in order to examine where you have been and where you are going. This mental clarity will also serve to smooth the way ahead, and make the passage from negative to positive as peaceful as possible. You can use your intuition to guide you through easy situations and call upon your impartial and analytical nature when it is needed for a more complex decision.
The Six of Swords can also indicate a state of depression or ‘the blues’. You are doing your best to just get through each day as it comes, not particularly enjoying what it has to offer but not really giving up either. You may feel listless, lacking energy and motivation, and somewhat depressed. You are getting by but only just.
More literally, the Six of Swords can indicate a trip across water (for example, via a ferry, boat, or plane overseas). There may be some sadness in terms of who you will need to leave behind you but you know that this trip will do you a world of good! An example might be someone who is about to travel on their own, leaving behind a partner who they will sorely miss. You may also be required to make a longer-term move from one location to another, where you will leave behind friends and family in order to explore or experience a new territory. Again, while you will miss those you leave behind, you will also find that you have an amazing time on your travels and will learn so much about yourself.

The Six of Swords reversed indicates that you are trying your best to move on from the past and make the important transition that you know you need to make. You are trying to physically and mentally move from any past experiences which you know that have not been helping you. However, given this card is reversed, it is clear that you are experiencing some challenges in doing this and no matter how hard you try to leave the past behind you, it keeps catching up with you. It is like there is something pulling you back to where you have come from, rather than allowing you to move on to new territories. What is hard is that there are a lot of unresolved issues from the past, which you had hoped you could just leave behind you but they keep rearing their ugly head and preventing you from getting to that new place of being that you really want to be. There may also be moments when you doubt whether you are making the right decision in leaving behind your past but this card gently encourages you forward, reminding you that you are heading towards a better future.
Similarly, the reversal of this card may suggest that you are resisting this necessary transition. Perhaps you feel that it has been forced upon you or that you were not included in the decision to move. For example, your partner may be required to relocate for work and you must go along with him/her. What is important is that you look at the benefits of the transition rather than focusing on the drawbacks so that even if this transition is out of your control, you can at least look forward to something and get some sort of personal value out of it.
In a relationship reading where the relationship is relatively new, the reversed Six of Swords may indicate that you have not moved on from a past relationship and are carrying a lot of ‘baggage’ with you. You need to work hard at leaving this behind you otherwise it will continue to plague your current and future relationships.



Six of Swords Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Calmer waters, healing, progress, moving on, moving forward, things calming down, calm after a storm, overcoming hardship, relief, stability, escaping, running away, journeys, travelling, travel overseas, going on holiday, feeling deflated, lethargy, holding onto negativity, spirit guides, guidance.

General meaning and interpretation
In a general context, the Six of Swords represents progress, moving into calmer waters, moving on or moving forward. It is a Minor Arcana card of overcoming hardship, healing, relief and stability so you can expect problems in your life to settle down and things to be much easier to deal with. The Six of Swords can also represent escaping, running away, journeys, travel, travelling overseas and going on holiday. It can signify feeling lethargic and deflated after coming through a tough time or the calm after the storm. It is also a Tarot card of intuition, inner guidance and spirit guides.

In a health Tarot reading, the Six of Swords can indicate an acute illness being brought under control or relief of symptoms and as such, it generally a good card to get. You may still be feeling lethargic or drained when it appears as recent events have taken their toll but things should be moving in the right direction so stay positive. A vacation or a weekend away would do you the world of good!

Love & Relationships
In a love Tarot spread, if you are in a relationship the Six of Swords indicates that your relationship is moving into calmer waters after a difficult period. Healing, stability and open communication are all coming to the fore now and it is a positive time where the relationship can progress. If you are single, this Minor Arcana card can indicate a period of healing. You have come through the heartache of previous relationships and are now ready to move forward. If you put a lot of effort into making your last relationship work to no avail, you may be feeling slightly deflated but do not allow yourself to hold onto that negativity. You have come through the bad times and now you can allow a healthy relationship to come into your life. If your previous partner was abusive, the card would usually signify a period of healing after you have found the strength to leave the situation.

Money & Career
In a career Tarot reading, the Six of Swords signifies that things on the work front are calming down. You may be moving into an easier phase in your work life where things are under control, you are accomplishing your goals and completing tasks with ease or you may have moved to a job that is much better for you. This card can also indicate travelling overseas for business purposes or moving premises. In a financial Tarot spread, if you have been struggling financially the Six of Swords can signify overcoming hardship and a relief from financial problems. You should be moving into a calmer time financially but it does come with a warning. You cannot run away from financial issues, if you want lasting peace of mind you must deal with your money issues and not run away from them. If you finances have been going well this card indicates that they should progress nicely. However, don’t be overly cocky and start wasting money. Look at the placement and the supporting cards to ascertain whether the storm is ahead of you or behind you in terms of money.

In a spiritual context, the Six of Sword tells you that your spirit guides are all around you guiding you to the wisdom you are seeking. Pay attention to your intuition, visions and dreams at this time as they are trying to tell you something important.
Six of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Trouble coming, out of frying pan into fire, lack of progress, slow healing, trapped, delay, stuck, overwhelmed, causing trouble, rocking the boat, changing/ abandoned plans, standing your ground, nowhere to run, stormy relationships, instability, disrupted/cancelled travel, return from travel, eloping, floods, accidents in the water.

General meaning and interpretation
In a general context, the Six of Swords reversed represents moving into troubled waters, lack of progress and jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. In a reversed position, it is a Minor Arcana card of feeling stuck, trapped overwhelmed, restricted and having nowhere to run or choosing to stand your ground. This card signifies instability, rocking the boat, causing trouble and stormy relationships so you can expect life to be a little turbulent when it appears in your Tarot spread. This card also signifies slow healing. The Six of Swords reversed can also represent returning from travel or holidays or disrupted or cancelled travel, changing or abandoning plans and eloping to get married. It can signify floods or accidents in the water.

In a health Tarot reading, the Six of Swords reversed can indicate that recovery from illness or injury will take longer than you hope or anticipate. There may be delays in healing or setbacks and you may feel like your health is up in air at the moment. Try not to let the instability you feel overwhelm you, it shall pass, you just need to find some balance and allow the healing to take place in due course.

Love & Relationships
In a love Tarot spread, if you are in a relationship the Six of Swords reversed indicates that your relationship is stormy at the moment and you are going through a rough patch or a troubled period. You may be feeling overwhelmed, trapped or stuck or the relationship may not be progressing as quickly as you would like. It can also indicate that a third party may be causing trouble in your relationship. If you are getting married, this Minor Arcana card reversed can indicate that you will elope. If you are single, the Six of Swords reversed can indicate a period of disruption in your love life or simply a time where there is nothing much happening or a lack of progress. The wounds of your previous relationship are slow to heal at the moment and you may be feeling overwhelmed. When this Minor Arcana card appears reversed in your Tarot spread it warns you that you need to allow yourself time to heal, even if healing takes longer than you would like. If you jump into a new relationship before you have processed the effects of the last one, you may find that you have jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.

Money & Career
In a career Tarot reading, the Six of Swords reversed signifies that things on the work front are turbulent. Someone may be trying to cause trouble for you in the workplace or you may feel trapped in a job you don’t like. Plans may be cancelled or changed or you may experience delays in projects or delays completing tasks. This card can also indicate that any travel overseas for business may be disrupted or cancelled. In a financial Tarot spread, the Six of Swords reversed indicates that you may be running away from financial woes. This is not a time to tuck tail and run, you may feel like you don’t know what to do to manage the situation but if you put a little effort in and seek some professional advice you may be able to get your finances under control

In a spiritual context, the Six of Sword reversed indicates that you may be having issues with sensing your spirit guides or experiencing delays in your progression on you spiritual path, leaving you feeling stuck or frustrated. Try to relax and know that your abilities will progress at the pace they are meant to, there will be times when you progress quickly and other times less so, it is all part of a greater plan for you.