Upright: Meditation, contemplation, apathy, re-evaluation
Reversed: Boredom, missed opportunity, being aloof

The Four of Cups depicts a young man sitting under a tree far away from others in what looks like deep contemplation and meditation. In fact, he is so engrossed in deep contemplation that he does not appear to notice the cup being presented to him by an outstretched arm. A further three cups stand at his feet, symbolising the world and its attractions but again, he pays little attention to these. In this sense, he indicates the need to look deep into our Self to discover the answers we seek. External influences can be distracting and may not lead us to the goal we seek even if those influences purport to be of a spiritual nature.
This young man and his predicament suggest the story of the Buddha under the Bodhi Tree, contemplating the state of the Universe and unwilling to rise until he has reached the Truth. He is not taking the cup and indeed appears to be paying no attention to it whatsoever. He misses this gift of love and opportunity because he’s completely tuned within.

The Four of Cups often appears when you are bored or dissatisfied with the status quo. You may be feeling disengaged, apathetic, or unmotivated. Life has become stale or ‘flat’ and there is little that excites you anymore. To overcome this, the Four of Cups suggests a need to re-evaluate your situation and to look deep within your own psyche to find understanding and meaning. Turn your attention inward to find the Truth for which you are searching. Avoid distractions and examine your heart and mind to gain clarity.
Similarly, the Four of Cups signifies disappointment in someone or in a situation. You may be growing tired of the same old struggle that has been carried on too long in the past. As a result, you have started to withdraw and go within yourself to seek greater peace and tranquillity. If you are becoming particularly ‘pouty’ or sulky about your predicament, the Four of Cups is then a call to action; it is time to wake up, be alert and to be open to new experiences that offer a more positive outcome.
The Four of Cups can sometimes point to defensiveness. This can be noticed in the body language displayed in the crossed arms and legs of the man on the card. He chooses to ignore the possibility of what the cup has to offer. Possibly he has been hurt emotionally before, as this is the Suit of Cups, and he is fearful to expose himself to that again, hence he is closing himself off to this opportunity. Consider what opportunities you are ignoring or declining, and ask yourself whether this is because you truly believe you would not benefit from it, or whether this is because you are fearful of what may follow. Be mindful of any defensiveness in your responses and reactions.
At its worst, the Four of Cups is a stubborn, ungrateful and self-absorbed card. Whether you are off in your own little world, depressed, selfish, afraid to reach out or are nursing wounds from a bad relationship, the isolation in your world is self-imposed. You may be only concerned with your own troubles and problems, neglecting the needs of others. Be mindful that your detachment from being part of the world is becoming an issue. Remember, there is always an opportunity for you to reconnect with the world around you. Look at that cup being offered to you!
Often, the Four of Cups indicates that an offer has been presented to you but you are holding off making any sort of decision or evaluation of that opportunity until you have had more time for reflection and consideration. Notice that while the man in this card has not accepted the offer being presented to him, he has not completely rejected it either. The cup will continue to be there and the decision to accept or reject it can be made at any point. For now, though, it is the time for contemplation, research and meditation. When all of the answers are in, and it feels right emotionally, then you can take action but in the short-term, you do not need to make an immediate choice.
The Four of Cups serves as a reminder not to take life for granted. Numerologically, four signifies that you have created a solid foundation for yourself and a strong sense of stability and security. However, sometimes this can play to your disadvantage, where you feel so content, safe and secure that you begin to take your relationships and other aspects of life for granted. Thus, when the Four of Cups appears it must be taken as a cautionary note. It bears the message that there is a lot of love in your life but it can and will slip away if you do not continue to nurture it and demonstrate your appreciation for everything that you have gained so far. Most of the time, people do not realise the abundance they live in every day. They are too concerned with what they want, and they have no time to look at their lives and see how much they already have. A lot of the disappointment in life comes from people who want more but who already have all that they need. The key to overcoming this disappointment is simply to see all the good that is in your life already, and be thankful for it every day. So open up your eyes and look for yourself!

The Four of Cups reversed suggests that there is a good possibility that an offer will come your way but you must work hard to go out and get it. It is sitting right under your nose, so make sure you snap it up before you miss out! You may also be too focused on your own issues that you completely miss this opportunity or are unaware that it even exists. Keep your eyes and heart open to new possibilities, and release some of the focus on yourself to allow new opportunities to appear.
The Four of Cups reversed also reflects a time when you may be reluctant to open your heart to someone or to express your true feelings, instead withdrawing and isolating yourself from the other person. Be mindful of how this may be impacting those who are close to you and be considerate of their needs as well as your own.
On a more positive note, if you have been going through a period of stagnation, boredom or apathy, you will begin to feel restless with this state of being, and will want to break free from this rut. Put aside any negative thoughts or sulky behaviour. Embrace the opportunities that are already being offered to you. Reconnect with others and let them know how much you appreciate them.



Four of Cups Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Regret, refusing offers, missed opportunities, stagnation, apathy, disillusion, focusing on the negative, self-absorption, depression, boredom, nostalgia, remorse, yearning, frustration, weariness, meditation, day-dreaming, fantasising

General meaning and interpretation
In a general context, the Four of Cups Tarot Card can represent missed opportunities, remorse or regret. It can also signify becoming self-absorbed due to depression, negativity or apathy. The Four of Cups can indicate that you are feeling bored or disillusioned with your life, you may be focusing on the negative or feeling like the grass is greener on the other side. You may feel like you have lost your passion and motivation for life. When this Minor Arcana card appears in your Tarot spread it comes with a warning to be mindful of the opportunities or offers available to you. You may be inclined to dismiss them as insignificant now but you could realise later that they would have led on to amazing things. The Four of Cups can also represent feeling nostalgic, daydreaming or fantasising.

In a health context, the Four of Cups Tarot card can indicate that health issues have left you feeling depressed, weary or frustrated. You may be feeling sad about the restrictions your health woes are putting on you. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t and don’t be afraid to reach out to support groups or a professional counsellor for support if you are struggling to keep a positive outlook. Sometimes just talking about things and knowing that you are not alone can make a world of difference.

Love & Relationships
In a love Tarot spread, if you are single, the Four of Cups can indicate that you may be regretting past mistakes in the love department. It can indicate that you are so focused on what is missing in your love life or the relationships you’ve had that didn’t work out, that you are missing the opportunities for love that are right in front of you. If you miss this opportunity, you may find that you deeply regret it later on so don’t dismiss potential partners or offers of dates out of hand. Sometimes we find love where we least expect it. If you are in a relationship, the Four of Cups can indicate that you have become complacent in relationship or are so caught up in a fantasy of what you want your relationship to be like that you are not appreciating it for what it is. Consider if this is a good use of your energy and what you could accomplish if you put that energy back into appreciating your partner for who they are.

Money & Career
In a career context, the Four of Cups can indicate that you feel bored or unsatisfied in your career. You may feel like your career has become stagnant. In terms of both money and career, The Four of Cups Tarot card can signify that you are oblivious to the opportunities around you because you are too busy envying what others have. Focus on yourself, find gratitude for what you already have and open yourself up to the opportunities all around you and you will find that things will improve.

In a spiritual context, the Four of Cups can indicate that you have been feeling disillusioned or are wishing your life away wondering what if. You need to let go of the regrets from your past and focus on the good things that are happening all around you. A great way to do this is to think of one or two things that you are grateful for in each day, it will help you to focus on the present and on the positive. Meditation and reiki would be helpful to bring you back into balance and help to release the negative energy you have been carrying.
Four of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Seizing opportunities, letting go of regret, end of stagnation, motivation, enthusiasm, being proactive, interest, focus, self-awareness, focusing on the positive, gratitude, zest for life, reenergised

General meaning and interpretation
In a general context, the Four of Cups Tarot card reversed indicates that you are pulling yourself out of the rut you have been in. While your life may have previously felt stagnant, that is now coming to an end. The Four of Cups reversed represent leaving regrets, remorse and wishful thinking in the past and focusing on the present and moving forward in a positive direction. You will be seizing opportunities with enthusiasm and focus. It signifies that you have realised that you have been detached from the world and caught up in self-absorption and that has now been replaced with self-awareness and a zest for life. You are done with fantasising about what your life could be or wallowing in grief or self-pity and are ready to re-join the world and take a proactive approach to making things happen. You may be letting go of patterns or people in your life that are no longer good for you when this Minor Arcana card appears. The Four of Cups reversed can also represent acting spoilt as a result of pandered to too much by others. If you are engaging in this sort of behaviour you need to take responsibility for yourself and stop expecting others to do everything for you. If you don’t, it will be to your own detriment.

In a health context, the Four of Cups Tarot card in a reversed position shows you feeling re-energised and positive. Know that if health issues have been dragging you down, things are about to change. If you have been letting health issues affect you outlook on life in general or stop you from doing things, your focus and outlook should become much more positive when this card appears and you will find new enthusiasm for life.

Love & Relationships
In a love Tarot reading, if you are single, the Four of Cups Tarot card reversed can indicate that you are coming out a period of detachment or solitude where you were not interested in dating or starting a relationship. You may have withdrawn from the world due to the trauma of a bad breakup to give yourself time to heal. The Four of Cups reversed indicates that you are done wallowing in your heartbreak and are ready for a fresh start. If you are in a relationship, the Four of Cups reversed indicates that after a long period of soul-searching, you may have realised that the relationship no longer works and you may be ready to let it go. Alternatively, you may be ready to focus on the relationship and suddenly find you have newfound enthusiasm and interest in making the relationship work.

Money & Career
In a career context, the Four of Cups reversed indicates that you have been going through a period of stagnation in your career which is about to suddenly change. You will be aware of the opportunities that are opening up to you. The Fours of Cups in a reversed position sees you taking a proactive approach to improving your career and finances. You are focused and full of positivity energy, ready to go out and get what you want. You may be feeling grateful for what you have after a period of being overly focused on what you didn’t have and being jealous or envious of others.

In a spiritual context, the Four of Cups reversed indicates that you are ready to break out of the spiritual rut you’ve been in. You are ready to let go of the remorse, regrets and what ifs of the past and focus on the beauty and positivity that is all around you. This can only mean good things for your spiritual path as you begin to live an attitude of gratitude and take a proactive approach to discovering your spiritual path.