Upright: Unified love, partnership, attraction, relationships
Reversed: Break-up, imbalance in a relationship, lack of harmony

The Two of Cups depicts a man and a woman exchanging cups in what appears to be a wedding ceremony with the caduceus of Hermes between them. The two-snake caduceus design has ancient and consistent associations with trade, negotiation, balance, duality (union of opposites), proper moral conduct, protection and cosmic energy. On the Two of Cups, the caduceus sends a positive message for new partnerships, and suggests that with honour, respect and balance, new relationships shall be rewarding. At the top of the caduceus is a lion’s head, a symbol of passion and fire energy suggesting that there may be a lot of sexual attraction between the people, although that may or may not be allowed to express itself. The two snakes that wind up the caduceus represent dark and light and their coexistence within us.

The Two of Cups shows the beauty and power that is created when two become one. The card reflects balance, mutual respect and harmony in relations with one another. There is no ‘I’, just ‘we’, and both parties are focused on a mutually beneficial outcome or win-win situation.
The Two of Cups typically points towards a relationship that is based on mutual attraction and romantic inclinations. It reflects the clear, nurturing, supportive and heartfelt exchange of emotions that is the gift of a romantic relationship. The Two of Cups represents love that is nurturing, creative, clearly focused, inspirational and equally fulfilling. In a reading, this is often a beautiful start to a new romance in which you will experience understanding, harmony and deep love between two souls. The seed has blossomed into a tree of appreciation. Kindness and thoughtfulness will bind your two hearts together with the feeling of being simultaneously very special to one another.
In some cases, the Two of Cups can refer to marriage, proposals and engagements, particularly as this card portrays what looks like a wedding or hand-fasting. It is a reflection of commitment between two individuals, to say that they will go through life together, always considerate of each other’s needs and wishes.
Outside of love, the Two of Cups reflects a partnership of sorts, be it a business partnership, friendship or even a relationship between a person and their pet.
On first glance, the Two of Cups shares a similar message to the Lovers. However, the energy of the Two of Cups is slightly weaker than the Lovers card. Whereas the Lovers is the reunion of two complete beings, the Two of Cups is a less mature union that, stable as it may seem, does have the potential to come undone over a longer period of time. So, while the union is strong now, it is not clear whether the relationship shown by the Two of Cups can stand the test of time. Only the two people involved can decide that.
Despite the focus on the two beings shown on this card, the Two of Cups also points to what is happening within the individual. To be truly loved, deeply treasured and valued highly by others, you must first and foremost strive to create those feelings for yourself. That is, when you work toward loving yourself, you hold your inner spirit in high regard, treating it with deference and deep respect. When you see yourself in this positive light, other people cannot help but respond to your personal sense of value in an equally positive manner.

With the Two of Cups reversed, you may be struggling to form new partnerships and relationships due to a lack of trust or unfinished business from the past. You may also be reluctant to open yourself and expose your true feelings, resulting in disconnectedness from those around you or awkwardness. Your behaviour has become guarded and constrained.
The Two of Cups reversed may indicate a break-up or a lack of harmony within a relationship or partnership. You may not be seeing eye-to-eye and there is tension in your relations with each other. Each partner is finding it quite hard to be truly honest with each other and therefore the flow of communication is broken. There is a lack of mutual respect and understanding. Upright, the Two of Cups is a beautiful card to have because it shows balance and emotional connection. But reversed, it suggests that you are not on an even playing field and this is a fundamental issue. It is as if your partner thinks he or she is better than you or that his or her opinion matters more than yours.
Even if a relationship is going great guns, the reversed Two of Cups may be a sign that the relationship is more physical than heart-felt. It may be a fleeting affair rather than something more meaningful.



Two of Cups Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Partnership, unity, love, compatibility, happy couples, potential soulmates, relationships, harmony, balance, equality, attraction, connection, proposals, engagements, marriage, mutual respect

General meaning and interpretation
In a general context, when the Two of Cups Tarot card appears things should be going well for you and life should be very harmonious. The Two of Cups is a very positive card. While it normally relates to unity and love in romantic relationships it can signify harmony and mutual respect and appreciation in friendships and partnerships. This Minor Arcana card can also signify equality and balance when it appears in your tarot spread. As this is an attraction card, you may find you are popular or sought after in many areas on your life!

In a health context, if you have been suffering from health problems, the Two of Cups is a good omen indicating that things should be coming back into balance very soon. If you are pregnant, the Two of Cups can sometimes indicate a twin pregnancy, look to the supporting cards to confirm this.

Love & Relationships
In a love Tarot reading, the Two of Cups is a great card to get! If you are single it represents a blossoming romance or the offer of a relationship with a person who you will share a strong connection with and who will be mutually attracted to you. It can also indicate a reunion with someone from the past. If you are in a relationship, the Two of Cups represents a perfect union, proposals, engagements and marriage. It a great omen as it indicates that your relationship is harmonious, loving, balanced and mutually supportive and that you are both feeling very content. You should soon find yourself taking your relationship to the next level of commitment or finding a deeper level of connection with your partner when this card appears. Although the Two of Cups is less intense than similar cards in the Major Arcana, it is an indicator that the relationship this card relates to is potentially with your soulmate.

Money & Career
In a career context, the Two of Cups can represent a strong and successful business partnership. If you are considering entering into a business partnership with someone when this card appears, it is a good omen that indicates that you and your business partner will work well together and will have similar goals and mutual respect for each other. If you are not in or entering into a partnership, the Two of Cups is still a good sign, representing harmony and balance in the workplace. You should find that things are going well and that your working relationships with colleagues should be going well. Financially, things should be balanced at the moment. You may not have an excessive amount of money but you will have enough to cover your bills and not worry.

In a spiritual context, the Two of Cups indicates that your connection to spirit should be strong at this time and you will be finding balance and harmony on your spiritual path. You will be very open to the love and positive energy the universe is sending you.
Two of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:
Disharmony, disconnection, imbalance, inequality, incompatibility, unhappy couples, arguments, breakups, separation, divorce, ending partnerships, losing friendships, abuse, dominance, bullying

General meaning and interpretation
In a general context, the Two of Cups Tarot card reversed can indicate a lack of harmony or balance in your life. It can signify that you may fall victim to some form of inequality, abuse or bullying. Again, while this Minor Arcana card in a reversed position usually relates to a romantic relationship, it can also signify falling out with a friend or being in a friendship that is imbalanced or one-sided in some way. It can indicate a partnership breaking down or a lack of equality or mutual respect in a partnership. It can also be a sign of arguments with friends, family, partners, business partners or colleagues.

In a health context, the Two of Cups reversed can suggest that disharmony, stress or tension may be causing a knock-on effect on your health. You see a lack of balance within you manifesting itself in physical symptoms such as headaches or migraines, high blood pressure or chronic fatigue. Try to resolve the imbalances in other areas of your life and see if your health issues subside.

Love & Relationships
In a love Tarot reading, if you are single, the Two of Cups Tarot card reversed can signify a romance with someone who you are incompatible with. It can indicate that someone you are dating may blow hot and cold on you. You may find that they can’t get enough of you one minute and disappear or give you the cold shoulder the next. If you are in a relationship, the Two of Cups reversed is not a great omen as it can signify arguments, broken engagements, separation or divorce. It can signify that you and/or your partner have been taking the relationship for granted and not putting the work in. You may find yourself drawn to someone other than your partner. Alternately, you may find that you and your partner have become so co-dependent that it is creating resentment or arguments in your relationship. Whatever the issue, if you want your relationship to survive, this card tells you that you need to rebalance the relationship. Or you may need to rebalance yourself by getting your own emotions, issues or ego in check, which may naturally balance out the relationship. The Two of Cups reversed can, in some Tarot readings, signify abuse, dominance or controlling behaviour. Look to the supporting cards for confirmation of this.

Money & Career
In a career context, the Two of Cups reversed can signify dissolving a business partnership that has turned sour. You and your business partner may no longer have the same goals or respect for each other that you once did. If you are not in a business partnership, you may find yourself butting heads with your colleagues or falling victim to some sort of inequality, harassment or bullying in the workplace. Your finances may be lacking balance with this Minor Arcana card in reverse so watch your spending when it appears.

In a spiritual context, the Two of Cups reversed can indicate that you are disconnected from the love and positive energy the universe is sending you. You may find it difficult to connect to spirit and find that you powers are very off balance at the moment. Try some meditation or energy work to bring yourself back into alignment with your spiritual path.